SCENE #035: “Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot” went the cheerleaders (inside joke)

Narrator: “Suddenly, the entire cheerleading squad of Bugrom from the visiting El Hazard rugby contingent came racing across the street, and all flying tackled Desolation! Chaos boggled at the enormous dogpile—er, Bug-pile where Desolation had once been standing.”

Chaos: “A-Ano…”

Desolation: “You call that a flying tackle, you useless tukeys!”

Chaos: “Um…if you don’t need me anymore, I’ll just be going anywhere but here, thanks.”

Narrator: “Just then, a rugby ball rolled across the street and lightly bumped against Chaos’ foot. Curious, he leaned down and picked up the ball.”

Chaos: “Now what’s this doing here?”

Narrator: “Suddenly the entire Bugrom rugby team came racing down the street, and upon seeing Chaos with the ball, they proceeded to charge and try to tackle him.”

Chaos: o.O;; “KYAAAAAAA!!!”

Narrator: “Running for all he was worth, Chaos shrieked and took off down the street, all the Bugrom rogby players chasing after him. However, Chaos was so panicky that he failed to look both ways before he crossed the street, and got hit by, of all things, the Akiocar.”

Chaos: “Itaaiiii!”

Akio: “Well well, look who just happened to bounce off my hood. Say, would you like to be Ohtori Academy’s new duelist? It has many…perks. And you get this cool signet ring too!”

Chaos: “Tempting, but I think I’ll go watch a Dragonbarf-Z marathon instead.”

Akio: “Then let me give you a ride over there. You look like you’re in a bit of a rush anyways.”

Chaos: “Look, you lavender-haired freak-biscuit, not that it means anything to you, but I am trying to find a present for my girlfriend. My *human* girlfriend.”

Akio: “Why not let me drive you over to the Asakusa prefecture. It’s the entertainment district; you’ll be able to find theatre and stage tickets there easily. Come on, you know you want to ride with me. What I can show you will have the power to revolutionize your romance.”

Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] “A-Ano…”

Narrator: “With Akio’s inviting offer, should Chaos: A) cautiously slide in to the back seat of the Akiocar, or; B) give Akio the finger?”

          A) UM…OKAY
          B) HELL NO!!!