SCENE #036: “This is fun no matter how many times I drop this on Deso!”

Narrator: “Suddenly an enormous shadow fell upon the entire street. Looking up, Chaos saw a massive metallic structure plunging down from the skies onto Tokyo!”

Chaos: “What the hell is that?!”

Desolation: [blasé] “Falling Gundam colony. How sadly predictable. You’d think the readers would want something a little different for once.”

Chaos: “But it’s going to crush us!”

Desolation: “And?”

Chaos: “That’ll hurt!”

Desolation: [shrug!] “Maybe the first three dozen times, but afterwards it just kinda tickles.”

Chaos: “Are you insane?!”

Desolation: “No, I’m just a ‘Wu’. Incidentally, if you look from this angle, you can see the surprised looks on the colonists’ faces from their windows. Wanna wave to them?”

Narrator: “Before Chaos could say anything else, the Gundam colony came crashing down onto the street. More specifically, right onto Desolation, The shockwave generated by the colony’s forward inertia catapulted Chaos from where he was standing, and sent him hurtling across the city!”

Chaos: “Ack! Stunt double! Stunt double!”

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