SCENE #037: The Raging Ego smite

Narrator: “Suddenly an enormous shadow fell upon the entire street. Looking up, Chaos saw the terrifying, ghostly apparition that was the author’s Raging Ego!”

Raging Ego: “FEED ME!!!”

Chaos: “Wow, that’s pretty big. And…um…it’s heading this way.”

Desolation: “Yep, pretty much.”

Chaos: “Why are you smearing yourself with BBQ sauce, Deso?!”

Desolation: “Well, I might as well be a tasty human sacrifice, shouldn’t I?”

Narrator: “Before Chaos could say anything else, the Raging Ego came swooping down and devoured a large chunk of the street. More specifically, a large chunk of Desolation, The shockwave generated by the Raging Ego smashing into the ground catapulted Chaos from where he was standing, and sent him hurtling across the city!”

Chaos: “Ack! Stunt double! Stunt double!”

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