SCENE #039: Benkyo Booth, take 2

Narrator: “Hoping that, with any luck, Havoc recently stopped by it again, Chaos returned to the Benkyo Booth.”

Chaos: “Hey Kintaro, it’s me again.”

Kintaro: “Argh! I hate composing alibis for every perv in the city anytime someone’s panties go missing, and the AD Police shows up asking about it!”

Chaos: “Things are going that well, are they?”

Kintaro: [shrug!] “Could be worse. I could be mopping up after the bukkake contest, instead of doing this.”

Chaos: “Ewwwwwww. Ne, where’d Jyako disappear to?”

Kintaro: “Oh, Happosai beeped his pager. Big raid going down at a women’s onsen, lots of fanservice—too much for one hentai to handle alone.”

Chaos: “Gotcha. Any sign of Havoc since I was last here?”

Kintaro: [sigh!] “I wish. I’ve got about fifty documents here for him to sign. Maybe I should start studying on how to forge signatures….”

Chaos: “Well, thanks anyways, Kintaro. Damn, and I’ve already wasted an hour or so here. So what do I do now?”

Narrator: “With time starting to run out, should Chaos: A) leave Planet Hentai, or; B) quickly check the giftshop to see if he can find a present for Hotaru?”

          A) LEAVE
          B) GIFT SHOP