SCENE #042: Chaos accepts Havoc’s offer

Havoc: “So what do you think?”

Chaos: ^-^ “Deal!”

Havoc: “Cool. Okay, the symphony’s performance begins at eight tonight. I’ll have the tickets delivered to your apartment within an hour. Sound good?”

Chaos: ^-^ “Wai!”

Narrator: “Later that night, Hotaru and Chaos went out to the symphony, dressed in their very best clothes…though Hotaru did have to insist on being the only one wearing an evening gown for the occasion.”

Hotaru: “Sugoi! Box seats to the symphony! Even Haruka-poppa and Michiru-momma weren’t able to get tickets for this! How did you do this?”

Chaos: “Oh, I have my ways.”

Hotaru: “This is the best present I could have ever received, Chaos-chan.”

Chaos: “Anything for you, my dear. Shall we find our seats?”

Narrator: “The concert hall was packed with all sorts of notable Anime personalities. Arm in arm, his neko-tail twitching happily behind them, Chaos and Hotaru walked by such celebrities as Satoshi Urushihara, Captain Harlock & Maetal, the goddess Belldandy, Great Spectator Onizuka, Leiji Matsumoto, Yoko Kanno, Sylia Stingray, Dios, and Yuu Watase.”

Hotaru: “Strange. What was that Hideaki Anno guy talking about in the foyer?”

Chaos: “The End of EVA.”

Hotaru: “He made no sense though. I’m confused.”

Chaos: [sigh!] “You and everyone else on the freakin’ planet.”

Narrator: “The pair were shown to their box seats by one of the ushers. Hotaru was so excited, she could barely sit still.”

Hotaru: “Sugoi! Look at the view from here! We can see everyone! Ooh, this is so incredible! To be honest, I was half-expecting you to come up with a cheap, plastic Hello Kitty lamp, but you proved me dead wrong. And I love you more than ever. You’ve made my incarnation.”

          [Hotaru leans over & gives Chaos a peck on the cheek.]

Narrator: “A cheerful smile on his face, Chaos hugged Hotaru…and hastily lobbed over the balcony the cheap, plastic Hello Kitty lamp he’d been hiding behind his back.”

Hotaru: “Ne…is it just me, or do we seem to have a lot of nubile, female musicians with ample cleavage in the orchestra? And why are all they all dressed in bikinis?”

Chaos: “Um…no reason. Maybe it gets hot down there under all the lights.”

Narrator: “Abruptly the lights in the auditorium dimmed, and Havoc, dressed in a tuxedo, walked onto the stage.”

Havoc: “Welcome, everyone. Tonight’s first piece is something I composed not too long ago while floating in a pond of Cream Lemon. I call this: Air on a G-String Thong. Now if you shall excuse me…I must go conduct myself.”

          [Havoc turns his back to the crowd, and then his pants being unzipped is heard.]

Hotaru: “Um, Chaos-chan? He’s not really going to conduct with his--?”

Chaos: “No, of course not. *Groan!* He’d better not be….”

          GOOD ENDING #3

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