Narrator: “And so, off Chaos went to the Tokyo Tower. And much like every single entrance he’s ever made, it was a crash landing. But fortunately for him, his face broke his fall!”

Chaos: ;_; “Itaaaaiiii!! This fic is really starting to hurt!”

Narrator: “Oh, what are you complaining about? You managed to get to Anime’s most recognizable landmark, what more do you want?”

Chaos: “A crash pad, a parachute and a Guymelef come to mind.”

Narrator: “A what?!”

Chaos: ^^ “Nothing! Just a random musing, continue giving plot exposition.”

Narrator: “Anyhoo, Chaos found himself at the base of the Tokyo Tower.”

Chaos: “And with any luck, there might be something here I can use as a present for Hotaru!”

Narrator: “However, just as he headed towards the elevators, an out-of-control nekobus came careening through a hedge towards Chaos!!”

Chaos: “What the? Kyaaaaaaa!!! It’s following me!”

Narrator: “Chaos immediately made a fast break for the elevators, the purring nekobus hot on his super-deformed heels.”

Chaos: “Run away, Run a—is that a Namekian behind the wheel?”

Piccolo: “How do you stop this crazy thing?!”

Chaos: “Kyaaaa!! Who gave Piccolo a license?!”

Narrator: “Suddenly, just when the Nekobus would have mowed Chaos down, Tonde Boorin, the porcine magical girl, appeared! Using her henshin, she quickly transformed into a giant SD oinker and dropkicked the Nekobus straight into orbit!”

Chaos: ^^v [pat pat!] “That’ll do, SuperPig, that’ll do. Now then, to the Tower!”

Narrator: “Should Chaos first check out: A) the souvenir shop, where he might find a gift for Hotaru, or; B) the observation deck, where might get inspired on where to search next?”

          A) GIFT SHOP