SCENE #044: The Tokyo Tower gift shop

Narrator: “Instead of taking an elevator up to the observation deck, Chaos decided to check out the souvenir shop located at the base of the tower.”

Chaos: “There should be something here worth buying…Heeey, check it out! They sell Anime plushies! Here’s a nancy-boy Kenshin plushie. And a PenPen plushie. Ooooh, and a plushie of Kero-chan from that show, Card Captor Saccharine.”

Narrator: “Sakura.”

Chaos: “Doesn’t matter. It’s so cute it’ll still give me diabetes. Look, there’s Sailormoon plushies here too! Let’s see…Jupiter…Mercury…Naru…hey, a Pharaoh 90 plushie! Maybe I could get this for Hotaru!”

Narrator: [deadpan] “A Pharaoh 90 plushie? You want to give Hotaru a stuffed doll that looks like the master she used to serve when she was Mistress 9?”

Chaos: “Why not? What’s the worst that could happen?”

Narrator: “Let’s use the remote control of the gods for a moment, Chaos, and fastforward to see what would happen if you gave her that plushie. Next stop: alternate reality! The only relation to our reality and that one is that Chaos is still an idiot.”

Chaos: “Hotaru, here’s the extra-special present I promised you.”

Hotaru: “Ano…it’s a Pharaoh 90 plushie?!”

Chaos: ^-^ “You like?”

          [Author’s Note: From here on in, Hotaru & Chaos will start shouting and/or screaming their lines really really fast!]

Hotaru: [crazed & panicky] “Ph-Ph-Pharaoh…90?! SILENCE GLAIVE SURPRISE!!”

Chaos: [screaming] “KYAA!”


Chaos: “ACK!!”


Chaos: “OW!!”

Hotaru: “GUNS N’ RO!!”

Chaos: “MY SPLEEN!!”


Chaos: “MY DIGNITY!!”


Chaos: “KYA—(^-^) Heey, I kinda like that one.”

Hotaru: “DRAGU SLAVE!!!”

Chaos: “ITAAAAIIII!!!”

Narrator: “And back we are from alternate reality, where what’s left of Chaos has joined the smoking section of our reading.”

Chaos: [cough cough hack!] “Okaaaaaaay, Pharaoh 90 plushie: bad idea. Let’s move on then.”

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