SCENE #045: Tokyo Tower observation deck

Narrator: “Chaos happily rode one of the elevators up to the observation deck, and was greeted with an incredible scenic view of Tokyo’s skyline.”

Chaos: “Sugoi! This is amazing! I feel so inspired, I want to write a new Chaosfic: Please Save My Earth Girl Arjuna.”

Narrator: “Just remember, Chaos: you’re not allowed to press your face up against those large glass windows.”

Chaos: [eye roll] “Haaaiii.”

Narrator: “And off Chaos skipped towards the observatory windows. However, a blur of white bounded out of nowhere, got underfoot and tripped him!”

Chaos: “Itai! What the hell was that?”

Mokona: ^-^ “PU!”

Chaos: o.O;; “……”

Narrator: “Yes indeed, just as Chaos picked himself off the ground, he came face to face with a small, demonic marshmallow rabbit-god-thingy.”

Mokona: ^-^ “PU PU?”

Chaos: --;; “Okay, who let Mokona into this fic?”

Mokona: “PU!”

Chaos: --;; “Aw, shut up.”


Chaos: [grrrr!] “Ano ne….”

Narrator: “Mokona is annoying Chaos. Should he: A) Kill Mokona for being such an annoying little marshmallow-thingy; B) capture Mokona & give him to Hotaru as her new pet, or; C) skin Mokona & turn him into a pair of slippers, then give that to Hotaru as a gift?”

          A) KILL
          B) LIVE PET
          C) SLIPPERS