SCENE #046: Death to the marshmallow-thingy!!

Narrator: “Deciding to do the world a favour, Chaos hauls out a Victorian bathtub and prepares to smite Mokona!”

Chaos: “Admit it, readers: you’ve been wanting to see this for a loooooong time.”

Mokona: ^-^ “PU?”

Narrator: “Unfortunately for Chaos, he forgot that a Victorian bathtub weighs more than he could hold up, and he was instantly crushed beneath his own smite.”

Chaos: o.O;; “Oh shi—“

Mokona: ^-^ “PUUUUUUUU!”

Chaos: “Why you little…!!”

Narrator: “ Realising that he was up against a more diabolical and clever foe than usual, Chaos resorted to using Poseidon, one of the three terrifying guardians of the ????? palace in the Maze OVAs!”

Chaos: “Well, he looks like a winged, cyborg rodent-thingy more than anything else.”

Poseidon: “How dare you say that! I’m a fearsome bomb, and I will self-destruct!”

Mokona: ^-^ “PU?”

Chaos: “Ha! Die, you evil marshmallow god of doom!”

Poseidon: “Detonation will occur in 48 minutes.”

Chaos: “48 minutes? I can’t wait around for you to blow Mokona up in 48 minutes! I’ve got a fic to do here.”

Mokona: ^-^ “PU PU!”

Narrator: “Just when it looked like Chaos was out of luck, and Mokona would be allowed to bound off alive, the Tokyo Tower hit critical mass!”

Chaos: “Oh, not another apocalypse. That’s the third one this week!”

Mokona: ^-^ “PU!”

Chaos: “Hey, when I want your comments, I’ll ask for them!”

Narrator: “Suddenly, for no discernable reason, a Buster Bomb was dropped onto the tower. Needless to say, there was very little of it left standing afterwards once the smoke had cleared. The ensuing explosion also catapulted Chaos right through the observatory windows, and straight across the city!’

Chaos: “Hey, at this rate I’ll be over to Planet Hentai in no time!”

Narrator: “Well that’s good…but how do you plan on landing?”

Chaos: “Not to worry, I packed an emergency Dragu Slave just in case something like this might happen.”

Narrator: “And how is deploying a Dragu Slave at point blank going to save you?”

Chaos: “Hmm…I never got around to considering that part of my plan. Let’s find out!”

Narrator: o.O;; “Ack! Cue the scene change!”

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