SCENE #047: Cephiro gods make for good pets…only if housebroken

Chaos: “Hmmm…Hotaru has been wanting an exotic pet for some time now. And what could be more exotic than her very own marshmallow rabbit-god-thingy?”

Mokona: ^-^ “PU!”

Chaos: “Well, I would agree that a lake god makes for a better pet, but I’ve got dibs on that one.”

          [Cue the flying octopus that gets lobbed at Chaos!]

Chaos: “One day, Beans, that lake god shall be mine!”

Mokona: ^-^ “PU PU!!”

Chaos: “Now then, it’s time to capture you and let Hotaru fawn all over you!”

Mokona: ^-^ “PU?”

Chaos: “Don’t worry, this tazer gun won’t hurt…much.”

Narrator: “Chaos, that’s a Tesla rifle.”

Chaos: [waving it aside] “Details, details.”

Narrator: “Naturally, upon seeing the gun, Mokona panicked and took off across the observation deck. Chaos gave chase.”

Mokona: o.O; “PUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!”

Chaos: “Get back here, you!”

Narrator: “Very quickly, Chaos had Mokona trapped and cornered.”

Mokona: ^^;; “PU?”

Chaos: “Hotaru’s going to love you! I can buy you a cage and a hamster wheel and everything!”

Narrator: “Abruptly, he felt a very large shadow fall over him. Chaos turned around, only to find three very irate Magic Knights scowling at him. Hikaru in particular was cracking her knuckles as she glared at Chaos.”

Hikaru: “I DON’T THINK SO.”

Chaos: ^^;; “Have I mentioned how much I love CLAMP?”

Narrator: “This last-ditch effort to save his ass, however, failed with flying colours. And once the Magic Knights and their Machins finished pummelling him, Chaos went flying across the city after said colours.”

Chaos: ;_; “Why do all my exits have to be airborne ones?!”

Mokona: ^-^ “PU!”

Chaos: “Hey, no talking from you! Back into the pocket you go!”

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