SCENE #048: Squeaky slippers

Chaos: “Hmmm…Hotaru’s told me how cold Haruka and Michiru’s house gets on damp, rainy days. Maybe I could get her a pair of exotic, insulated slippers…”

Mokona: [leery] “PU?”

Chaos: [shrug!] “Hey, have you seen how much a pair of Totoro slippers goes on the market these days? It’s highway robbery, and after paying off the damages at the end of every fic I can’t afford it! Fortunately nothing insulates better than marshmallow!”

Mokona: “PU PU!”

Chaos: “Do not worry, evil little rabbit-god-thingy, your vicious and thoroughly painful demise will not have been in vain!”

Narrator: “Chaos then pulled out a ludicrously huge Prog Knife he’d recently borrowed from NERV headquarters, and proceeded to make Mokona into a pair of slippers.”

Chaos: “Whew! And there we go, one pair of white, fluffy slippers for Hotaru! Am I good or am I good?”

Narrator: “You *are* going to line the inside of those things, aren’t you? It looks a little gooey in there.”

Chaos: “Hush, narrator-boy, or they’ll be lined with that damned hat of yours!”

Narrator: “Moving on then, Chaos tucked the Mokona slippers under his arm and happily departed from the Tokyo Tower.”

Chaos: ^^v “Wai! Go me! Hotaru is going to love having a one-of-a-kind pair of slippers. And to think I was afraid of botching today and having nothing to give to her! Onwards, to the apartment! I need to get ready for tonight. Now, I wonder what sort of dress I should wear…”

Narrator: “Just then, Chaos bumped into someone of the sidewalk.”

Chaos: “Oof! Gomen, I didn’t see you there!”

Steve Bennett: “No problem.”

Chaos: o.O;; “Wait a minute…you’re Steve Bennett!! You’re the president of Studio Ironcat, and trendsetter for North American manga!”

Steve Bennett: ^^v “Don’t forget to add Con slut to that list too.”

Chaos: “Wow! This is so cool! I’m here with Steve Bennett! Oooh, I’m so excited…I think I’m going to wet myself. Can I have an autograph?”

Steve Bennett: “Sure, I don’t see why not. Heeeeey, I like those slippers you’ve got there!”

Chaos: [piku?] “You do?”

Steve Bennett: “Yeah! They’re very original! I could use those around the office, and have my Iron Catgirls fetch them for me.”

Chaos: “Really?”

Steve Bennett: “Definitely. You know, those slippers would look really good on me. I mean, they’d look really really good on me.”

Chaos: [whipering to the audience] “Sugoi! Steve Bennett likes my slippers!”

Steven Bennett: [turning to the audience] “Thick, isn’t he?”

Chaos: “What?”

Steve Bennett: “Nothing. Tell you what: I have weekend reservations at Gajoen, one of the most exclusive four-star ryokan in Japan. But if you give me those slippers, I’ll let you take the reservation instead and you can spend the rest of the weekend there.”

Chaos: o.O;; “Wow, a weekend at a four-star ryokan! That’s so cool! What’s a ryokan?”

Narrator: [sigh!] “That’s a Japanese inn, Chaos.”

Steve Bennett: “So, sound like a deal?”

Narrator: “Steve Bennett likes Chaos’ slippers. Should Chaos: A) trade them to Steve for a weekend at Gajoen Ryokan, or; B) keep the slippers for Hotaru?”