SCENE #050: Will sell catgirls for Mokona slippers

Chaos: “Um…it’s a very kind offer, Mister Bennett. But you see, I made these slippers for my girlfriend as a present. It’s our one-year anniversary tonight, and I think she would appreciate getting something I made myself. Something from the heart…and skin…and marshmallowy innards.”

Steve Bennett: [distraught] “So, you’re not interested in selling me those slippers?”

Chaos: “Sorry, they’re not for sale.”

Steve Bennett: “Won’t you even reconsider?”

Chaos: “Steve, if reconsidering was my strong point, I wouldn’t have agreed to get inserted into this series. My girlfriend is really looking forward to getting something special, and these slippers are it.”

Steve Bennet: “But…but I’m Steve Bennett! And I must have those slippers! I’m willing to do anything for them, do you hear me? Anything!”

Chaos: “Anything?”

Steve Bennett: “Absolutely! Whatever whim you want, I can arrange for it! I am Steve Bennett after all.”

Chaos: [considering] “Hmm…whatever whim I want, you say?”

Narrator: “Should Chaos: A) exploit Steve’s love of the Mokona slippers, or; B) decline yet again, knowing the slippers will be perfect for Hotaru?”