SCENE #051: Good-bye Mokona slippers, hello…something

Narrator: “Later that evening, Haruka and Michiru arrived back at their home after a night on the town. As Michiru fetched some mineral water from the fridge, Haruka headed upstairs to the master bedroom. She was whistling a genki tune as she strolled down the hall and opened up the bedroom door. That genki tune ended on abrupt note as she saw Chaos sitting on the foot of the bed, dressed up in an enormous Puchuu bear costume.”

Chaos: ^-^ “Puchuu?”

Narrator: “Haruka froze, blinking a few times as her brain tried to register what she was seeing. Chaos, noticing the unexpected intruder, stopped fidgeting with his paws. A sweatdrop appeared next to his head as he stared at Haruka.”

Chaos: “Um...I can explain all this.”

Narrator: “Just then, Hotaru emerged from the private bathroom, wearing only the pleated skirt of her Saturn battle fuku, displaying her red bra for all to see.”

Hotaru: “Chaos, have you seen where the blouse for this costume went?”

Haruka: [grrr!] “Cha-ooooos…!!”

Chaos: “Okay, I can explain half of this.”

          SECRET ENDING!!

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