SCENE #052: The moral of the fic: don’t mess with Studio Ironcat

Narrator: “Despite Steve Bennett’s very tempting offer, Chaos still declined.”

Chaos: [shaking his head] “Ano…sorry, Steve, but I really do have my heart set on giving these to my girlfriend. You’ll just have to find another pair of Mokona slippers elsewhere.”

Steve Bennett: [sigh!] “And you’re sure that nothing I can say will persuade you otherwise?”

Chaos: “Nope.”

Steve Bennett: “Well…I am disappointed, but they are your slippers after all. I’ll just head back to my—What’s that over there?!”

          [Steve Bennet points in behind Chaos.]

Chaos: [turning around] “What? Where?”

Steve Bennett: >)

Narrator: “Chaos turned his head. Whereupon Steve Bennett pulled out a large mallet from Hammerspace, knocked Chaos out with it, and stole the Mokona slippers!”

          [Steve Bennett bops Chaos on the head with the inflatable mallet!]

Narrator: “The moral of this fic: don’t mess with Studio Ironcat. They’re bigger than Microsoft. Hours later, Chaos regained consciousness.”

Chaos: “Itai! It feels like a 10 Boomer pile-up on my head! What happened? And furthermore, what’s the time?”

Narrator: “Consulting his watch, Chaos was horrified to discover—“

Chaos: “It’s a quarter to five already?! Shimatta, Hotaru’s going to be at the apartment in fifteen minutes! And I don’t even have a present for her!”

Narrator: “Giftless and sporting a large bump sticking out from the back of his hair, Chaos frantically raced back to the apartment.”

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