SCENE #054: Fire River Temple’s Courtyard

Chaos: “To the courtyard, it is!”

Narrator: “And so Chaos dashed off to the courtyard. However….”

Chaos: “A-Ano…moshi moshi? Hello? Is anyone here? Anyone at all? You’d think there would be someone out sweeping the courtyard or something. This Shinto temple looks deserted!”

Narrator: “Chaos looked around some of the buildings, but still had no luck.”

Chaos: “Helloooo? Hmm…maybe they’re still sleeping. But I feel like there should be someone around here to show the visitors and patrons around.”

Narrator: “As if on cue, Grandpa Hino attacked.”

Grandpa Hino: “Hello, good Sir! And welcome to the Cherry Hill Temple!”

Chaos: “Cherry wha? Um…this isn’t the dub. We’re at the Fire River Temple. Japanese version, remember? Nihongo ga hanasemasu ka? Watashi wa ebi [shrimp sandwich with cheese].”

Grandpa Hino: ^^;; “Really? Ha haaaaa….I forgot about that!”

Chaos: --;; “Senile old goat.”

Grandpa Hino: “Anyways, welcome to the Fire River Temple! Let me show you around!”

Narrator: “Before Chaos could say anything else, Grandpa Hino grabbed him by the arm and started racing across the temple grounds, dragging the hapless Chaos behind him.”

Grandpa Hino: “You can visit our jinja and leave an offering to support our work. You can also ring the temple bells and ask the gods for good fortune. Or you can write down a wish or desire on this piece of paper, then tie it to that sacred tree over there, and it may just come true!”

Chaos: @.@ “This whirlwind tour’s makes me wanna yarf! Urp!”

Grandpa Hino: “All right then, what else? Saaay, you look like you could be a worthwhile groundskeeper for the temple. You could work with Yuichiro! And I could teach you all about romancing the cute schoolgirls who come here! It’s amazing how many panty flashes you can get when you’re a Shinto priest!”

Chaos: [turning to the audience in panic] “Um…help!!”

Narrator: “To escape Grandpa Hino, should Chaos: A) flee the temple; B) hide in Rei’s bedroom, or; C) hide in the sacred fire chamber?”

          A) FLEE
          B) HIDE IN BEDROOM