SCENE #055: Rei’s bedroom

Narrator: “Chaos took off to Rei’s bedroom, leaving a large dustcloud in his wake!”

Chaos: [gasping] “M-Made it! (I can’t believe that old geezer cleared that hedge when he chased me! At least I lost him.)”

Narrator: “With a sigh, Chaos turned around…and got a lot more than he bargained for. He found himself first staring down at pair of shapely feet. His eyes then slowly worked their way up a pair of long, smooth and supple legs with an alabaster complexion, seemingly carved by Pygmalion. Firm and confident thighs contoured into a magnificent set of hips, which were embraced by lace panties of the most delicate shade of pink. A trim stomach nipped into a small waist, and adorning the chest were the most perfectly round, perky and Urushiharian breasts.”

Chaos: [deer in the headlights look] “A-Ano…”

Narrator: “Slender arms and Junoesque shoulders gave way to a long and statuesque neck. Above that, Chaos found himself staring at an elegant, pale face framed by tresses of long dark hair. A shiver ran down his spine. Especially when he dared to lift his gaze higher, only to see a jaw clenched in fury, and violet eyes blazing ferociously at him. If the body was a roadmap, Chaos knew that he had never travelled this route before. This was definitely not Hotaru…namely because he had walked right into Rei’s room while she was changing!”

Rei: “D-Duo?!”

Chaos: ^^;; “Um…perhaps I should have knocked first.”

Rei: “You…you pervert!”

Chaos: “Now I know this looks bad, what with you wearing pink panties and all…and they REALLY don’t match your miko uniform…but I can explain!”

Rei: “Get out of my bedroom, you freak!!”

Narrator: “Whereupon Rei proceeded to punt his li’l self-inserted butt straight through the ceiling.”

Chaos: “So this is how it feels to be Ranma. I do hope these roofing tiles can get combed out from my hair though.”

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