SCENE #056: And you wondered why she always used the sacred fire

Narrator: “Chaos took off to the chamber housing the sacred fire, leaving a large dustcloud in his wake!”

Chaos: [gasping] “M-Made it! (I can’t believe that old geezer cleared that hedge when he chased me! At least I lost him.)”

Narrator: “With a sigh, Chaos turned around…and his eyebrow immediately began twitching.”

Chaos: “Hmmm…something’s burning, I can smell it! Is that roast cabbit?”

Narrator: “Needless to say, standing in the sacred flame is not necessarily a good thing. Epsecially when fanboys tend to be rather flammable to begin with.”

Chaos: o.O; ‘Kyaaaaaaaa!! My Tamahome Hilgifer pants!”

Rei: “Just what do you think you’re doing?!”

Chaos: “Er…Rei?”

Rei: “I was using the sacred fire to find spoilers for the upcoming fall line-up, and now you’ve gone and ruined the whole thing! Now I’ll never know if Ikari Gendo or NinNin are the next winners for Survivor: Tokyo-3.”

Narrator: [turning to the audience] “Don’t worry, folks; nobody ever survives Tokyo-3. Not even the president of Gainax.”

Rei: “Duo, thanks to you, my meditation’s been disrupted, and my five hours of searching the sacred fire have been wasted! What are you doing here anyways?!”

Narrator: “Should Chaos: A) lie; B) flee in terror, or; C) tell the truth?”

          A) LIE
          B) FLEE IN TERROR
          C) TELL TRUTH