SCENE #067: My dinner with Hotaru

Narrator: “Later that night, Chaos escourted Hotaru to the Gajoen Inn. The valet was quite surprised when Chaos landed the Deathscythe Hell Custom in the front.”

Chaos: “Here are the keys! And try not to scratch the paint job when you park it; Carnage just had it Zech waxed yesterday, and will take it out of my security deposit.”

Hotaru: [excited] “Chaos, this is so exciting! I can’t believe you were somehow able to book us a weekend room at a four-star ryokan like Gajoen!”

Chaos: “Well, a fanboy’s gotta be quick on his feet. After all, botching an anniversary gift and negotiating with a manga deity takes considerable skill, you know.”

Hotaru: “What was that?”

Chaos: ^^;; “Er, I was just wondering how you managed to sneak such a Gainax-bouncy evening dress past Haruka and Michiru. Come to think of it, I’m just impressed you got their permission to spend the night here.”

Hotaru: ;p “Who said anything about having their permission, Chaos-chan? Haruka-poppa and Michiru-momma are easy to sneak past when they’re busy being distracted by chibi-Havocs infesting their living room.”

Chaos: o.O;; “You didn’t?”

Hotaru: “I learned from last year’s Confic.”

Narrator: “The two were shown to their room by the mistress of the ryokan. The room itself was simple, elegant and functional, furnished with tatami, sliding panels, natural light and low-lacquered tables. The instant the mistress had left them alone in their room, Hotaru made a play for sharing some fanservice with Chaos.”

Chaos: “Wow, check out the view of the gardens from here, Hotaru-chan! It’s really stunning. Hotaru-chan?”

Hotaru: [purring seductively] “Why don’t you turn your head and look at *my* private garden, Chaos-chan?”

Chaos: “Hm? (o.O;;) Oh, look at the craftsmanship of the wooden ceiling!”

Hotaru: “Chaos, why are you staring up at the ceiling?”

Chaos: “Because you’re not wearing anything! It’s our anniversary, not your birthday.”

Hotaru: “Chaos-chan, why are you so nervous? You’ve seen me naked before.”

Chaos: “It’s not your nekkidness, Hotaru-chan. It’s my inevitable thrashing which follows your nekkidness that worries me.”

Narrator: “In a last-ditch effort to keep the fic from spiralling into a lemon, Chaos managed to get Hotaru into a ukata—“

Chaos: “Hey, do I look like I’m into hentai bondage fetishes?”

Narrator: [sigh!] “A ukata is a cotton house robe you wear at a ryokan.”

Chaos: “Wow, you narrators really know your stuff!”

Narrator: “Actually, that line’s written in the script.”

Chaos: “Oh…continue.”

Narrator: “Anyways, with Hotaru safely clad again, Chaos spent some time playing Go with her. And once she’d thoroughly trounced him in six consecutive games, it was time for them to eat dinner. The meal was served in their room, and consisted of sashimi, tofu, pickles, vegetables and their choice of Sake.”

Hotaru: “Well, since we have sashimi and ginger here, you should be having a nyotaimori platter, Chaos. I’ll just disrobe and you can arrange the food on me.“

Chaos: “A-ano…Hotaru-chan, I almost never have serene, perfect moments with you. And I really want to enjoy this one…before my inevitable ass-kicking later on in this fic. It would do me great honour if we could look out into gardens and eat this meal, as I gaze upon your beautiful face while the moonbeams touch it.”

Hotaru: “Mmmm, Chaos-chan, you could have charmed me out of my pants with that, if you weren’t so bent on keeping them on me.”

Chaos: ^^;; “Let’s not mention that.”

Narrator: “After their meal, Chaos and Hotaru took a brief walk hand-in-hand around the garden. And outside of that incident involving a hedge-youma who tried sucking out Chaos’ pure heart, they had a wonderful time together.”

Hotaru: “Daijobu, Chaos-chan! You can come out from the goldfish pond now; I managed to cleave the youma in half with my glaive!”

Chaos: “Are you sure? Atchoo!”

Hotaru: “Oh, you’re soaking wet now. We need to warm you up, otherwise you’ll catch a cold.”

Narrator: “And if it’s anything that Love Hina has taught us, what’s an inn without an obligatory hotspring scene?”

Chaos: [with neko-ears on!!] “Aaaaah, this is so much better than hiding in a goldfish pond. I can feel the warm water relaxing my tense muscles already. This is exactly what I need after the day I’ve had. Hm? Sounds like someone’s splashing around on the other side…and they’re coming closer.”

Narrator: “Suddenly recalling how the hotspring at Gajoen was mixed, Chaos became very afraid for his little self-inserted life.”

Chaos: “Ne, Hotaru-chan, is that you? Um…you are wearing your bathing suit, right? Hotaru?”

Narrator: “Whereupon Chaos turned around and wound up accidentally smooshing his face right into a pair of C-cup breasts.”

Chaos: [poke poke] “This is odd…I could have sworn Hotaru had D-cups. And they weren’t this pointy either. (o.O;;) Oh no!”

Naru: “Kyaaaaaa! There’s a letch in the women’s hotspring! How dare you try and sneak a peek at my body! Keitaro, you pervert!”

Chaos: o.O;; “B-But I’m not—“

Naru: “DIE!!!”

Narrator: “Naru promptly slugged Chaos in the face with a vicious left uppercut. And off Chaos went spinning through the air, eventually disappearing beyond the horizon!”

Naru: [grrr!] “Can you believe the nerve of him, Kitsune? I’d expect him to do that at the Hinata Inn, but here?!”

Kitsune: “Ah, Naru, this is a mixed onsen—and that *wasn’t* Keitaro. Shimatta, and he was kinda cute too. But at least he left his pitcher of Sake behind!”

Hotaru: “Sorry I’m a bit late, Chaos-chan. Do you like my bikini? Chaos-chan? Ne, anyone here seen my boyfriend? He’s cute, somewhat bewildered, and has these adorable neko-ears?”

Naru: ^^;; “Oh…those were kitty ears on him after all.”

Chaos: “You call this a good ending nyu?!”

          GOOD ENDING #2.

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