His lordship Chaos presents…


Narrator: “Welcome victims, one and all! I am Sean Gaffney, your narrator for today. We are proud to present for your listening enjoyment a special ‘Curse of the Fanboys!!!’ fanfic reading, one made just for this Con. Now this fic, which follows a day in the life of Chaos--“

Chaos: ^^v “Wai! I’m the hero! Go me!”

Dark Mayhem: “And naturally, there goes the fic.”

Chaos: “Oh, you’re just jealous, Mayhem, since you only get a cameo.”

Narrator: “As I was saying, this fanfic is especially unique in that it’s designed to allow for audience participation. At certain points in the story, we’ll be selecting different people at random to choose from a list of possible options. Kind of like a ren’ai dating sim game. Thus we have created perhaps a first in Anime fanfiction: A Choose-Your-Own-Disaster fanfic!”

Chaos: “Um…isn’t it supposed to be a ‘Choose-Your-Own-Adventure’ sorta thing?”

Narrator: “This is you we’re talking about, Chaos.”

Chaos: “Ooooooh…Gotcha.”

Narrator: “Before we begin this reading, we do have a slight disclaimer to make. First of all—“

Chaos: “Eating this fic might be hazardous to your health!”

Dark Mayhem: “Chaos, you dolt, this is a dramatic reading. There’s no fic for the audience to eat!”

Chaos: ^^;; “Ano…maybe they’ll get hungry, rush us and try to eat the script. It could happen!”

Dark Mayhem: [sigh!] “You are such an idiot.”

Chaos: “Oh yeah, Newt-boy? Well would an idiot come up with a fanfic like ‘GTO My Goddess’?”

Dark Mayhem: “Yes, yes you would.”

Chaos: “Damn right I wou—(o.O;) HEY!!”

Narrator: “Excuse me, but I’m trying to narrate a fanfic here, do you mind?”

Dark Mayhem: “No.”

Chaos: ^-^ “I donated my mind to science!”

Dark Mayhem: “And it shows, Chaos, it really does.”

Narrator: [very irate] “Will you avatars just shut up and let me read my script?!”

Chaos: “Just so long as you don’t try to eat it. It might be hazardous to your health.”

Narrator: “ARGH!!”

Dark Mayhem: “And on that cheerfully censored note, we would like to add that the fanfic you’re about to hear is rated PG, mainly because it will be filled with a lot of ridiculous silliness, very bad puns, and the occasional harsh phrase…which you’ll probably hear from our narrator at the rate this is going.”

Narrator: “No thanks to you self-inserted idiots!”

Chaos: “So…we’re starting the fic now?”