Reviews Disclaimer & Explanation

Some people have expressed interest in how I come to rate the anime I watch. I've been asked several times "how can you give a hentai show like Doji a four star rating, and Sailor Moon a three star one?" Well, unlike most reviews pages out there, I do not hand out high ratings to everything that makes me laugh, that has cool mecha, or nice art. I always try to be as objective as possible when reviewing shows, and hentai are no exception. I know some people who find the entire magical girl genre completely repugnant, or wouldn't touch any shonen films with a ten-foot Hungarian. But just because they hate those genres does not mean they can't admit that the overall quality of a particular show is fairly just may not be their particular thing.

I know very well that Hentai is definitely not for everyone, and that simply because I rate a hentai series well does not mean that you are going to like it if you aren't into that sort of thing. All of the reviews on this page are as objective as possible (hey, I'm human too, remember) and are rated on their merits overall, with regards to their respective genres. If I feel that something like, say CLAMP Campus Detectives, is completely intolerable, I will say that as my opinion. I will also state that the quality of animation and music are fairly good and that if you like that particular genre, then you are likely to enjoy CLAMP Campus Detectives; I just didn't.

In order to qualify for a really high rating (4 and above) the show usually needs to excel on multiple levels, or have done something significant for the development of its genre or the creation of a new genre (Gundam, Grave of the Fireflies, Kyuuketsuki Miyu, Perfect Blue, etc.) You'll notice that most shows are in the 3-Rampage or below category, including several of my personal favorites. They are fun and entertaining and worth seeing, but not significant enough to warrant a very high rating. If something is rated here at five Rampages, then you can trust that nearly anyone would enjoy it (I test this frequently, although there will always be one or two freaks of nature who don't like Miyazaki, for example).

Remember, the comments in the reviews reflect no one's opinion but the reviewer's. Please do not send me hate mail for tearing up your favourite show; all it will serve is to give everyone here a good laugh. The whole purpose of this page is for me to help you, the fellow otaku (new or old) find something good for a weekend viewing, purchase, or suggestion for your local club. But as I said, if you know you don't like hentai, just because I give End of Summer a 4-Rampage rating does not mean you will suddenly like just means that it's a very GOOD hentai.

So how can I give Doji 4 stars and Sailor Moon only 3? Easy. I'm not comparing Doji with Sailor Moon. I'm comparing Doji with other hentai, and Sailor Moon with other Magical Girl shows. You simply can't compare the star rating on a hentai to the star rating on a Magical Girl show, or a mecha show, or whatever. There's no point in trying -- it's like apples and oranges. And finally, the most important thing is that the star/Rampage rating is NEVER meant to stand alone. The ratings are meant to be considered together with the review, as a whole.

As usual, send any requests, questions, or comments my way by E-mail, my alternate E-mail, or on ICQ at 3137352. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy the page!

Lord Carnage