Rating: 2½ Rampages

In the future, society has a MAJOR population problem. The cause is the Mega-Playboy...men who are totally irresistible to women, due to their genes. One Mega-Playboy can make 100 women pregnant and the boys also become Mega-Playboys. Karin is an agent sent to the past to find the first Mega-Playboy and stop him with a special bullet. Karin, who dreams of having her very own "Sweet Home" (a rarity in the overcrowded future) finds the original Mega-Playboy...a young man named Junta. Junta has a problem; he throws up at anything even REMOTELY sexual...you do NOT want to be around if he glimpses a girl's panties! Perplexed, Karin shoots him anyway...then finds out she shot him with the wrong bullet! The drug inside of the bullet turns Junta into a Mega-Playboy and back. Now Karin has to figure out how to get out of the mess that she created..or else she won't get her sweet home! Other players in this chaos are Ami, a girl that Junta grew up with (and the only one he doesn't get sick around), Tomoko, first victim of Junta's Mega-Playboy powers and Ryuuji, the jealous boyfriend. Not to mention the hordes of girls who swoon when Junta powers up...including Karin..

This is one weird series. Overall pretty good, but it jumps around a lot. Be prepared to get confused. Itís done by the same people as Video Girl Ai, so the animation is very nice, but itís still very strange. Worth a look.

Currently only available fansubbed.

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