Rating: 3 Rampage

Episodes seen: 1-4 of ?

Daisuke Niwa was just an average ordinary junior high school student at Azumano No.2 Junior High. At least until his 14th birthday.

On the night of his 14th birthday, Daisuke turns into "Dark", the great Phantom thief whose identity remains unknown. The key to his secret lies in his body's DNA. The "Dark" which lay sleeping inside him was awoken by his emotions for love. But will his feelings actually become reality?

The Phantom thief's name is "Dark". His identity... no one knows. Tonight he fell in love. A love with many problems lies ahead, one truly difficult to steal.

The cast Review:
Herself the Elf sez: Well, the horribly cheesy opening song doesn't give the best initial impression, but things do look up after that. The art and animation are about average but nice, with clean lines and bright colours. Daisuke's love interest is also quite average--your average sweet, devoted, dumb-as-a-post 'girlfriend' archetype...with a sporty, tomboy twin sister of course. -.-;;

Daisuke's home life is quite funny, with his family surreptitiously training him to be a master thief (why didn't they just tell him about the family heritage instead of waiting for him to sprout wings and freak out...?), but the girlfriend angle is pretty tired and been-there-done-that.

Of course i'm not going to complain about the spontaneous bishie transformation; I wish he'd stay like that for the whole series...but alas, whenever he sees the object of his affections he loses control (no, not like THAT, you filthy people). It does seem like a rather inefficient way to run things, having magical thief powers only when you have an unrequited love affair going on...*shrug* And I'm not going to complain about the young Shinobu lookalike hitting on him...XD

There's nothing exceptional here, but it's fun and cute and quite watchable. I would have preferred it to be a bit more mature and less of the teenaged crushes and cheese, but despite that DNAngel is a neat show and I'd be happy to see more of it. Recommended.

Available fansubbed.

Created 24-09-03