Rei massaged her bruised hand as she let Setsuna lead her out onto the main street. Shooting Makoto the other day hadn't given her any pleasure. And, like the rest of the town, she was still feeling sorrow at Mamoru's killing of Ten'oh Haruka. But the young woman's death had thrown her aqua-haired lover onto Rei's side.
           Kaioh Michiru's memory had proven to be the best of all of the remaining women's. Even more so with that mirror of hers. Many of Rei's own questions had been answered last night in the back of Ten'oh-kun's store, sitting around the room with the others.
           They knew who Chiba Mamoru really was, who he used to be. And they all knew who they were. The only problem was, pieces were still missing on exactly how things had changed. Try as they could, no one could remember that part.
           Rei knew only one thing now. Whatever happened, she couldn't kill Mamoru.
           Unfortunately, he didn't seem to have that same awareness.
           Patting her on the shoulder, Setsuna unwrapped Rei's chained wrists and handed over her gun for the last time. "You can't fight him with that hand," she muttered, leaning close. "He loves the thought of a fair fight, the ultimate challenge. What are we going to do?"
           "Don't panic," Rei said softly, watching him march closer. "Just stay ready." She slipped her rusty Harvester into her holster, flexing her sore fingers and wincing at the sound of her joints popping.
           Mamoru glanced down as he approached. "What's the matter with your hand?"
           She shrugged gamely. "Nothing to worry about." Trying to close it around the gun butt, she hissed in pain and yanked her hand away as if it was scalded.
           Dropping to his knees, he whipped his leather gloves off and took her wrist in his hands. He examined her fingers gently, frowning at the darkening bruises and swollen joints. "What did you do, drop a piano on it?"
           Rei grimaced again, not answering.
           Heaving a sigh, he shoved himself upright and glanced around. "We can't disappoint everyone here, Rei-chan." He adjusted his gun belt. "Listen, I can draw with my left hand. Would that be fair? Can you use your left hand?"
           She nodded a little. "I can do that."
           Mamoru smiled a little. "Good." Glancing to either side at his enforcers, he motioned for them to follow him. Walking back towards his spot, he crooked a finger at Seiya. "If I miss, take her down." he muttered.
           Nodding, Seiya cocked his Astral rifle and headed for his own position atop the clock tower.
           Rei looked around her, seeing the three men in black dusters perched on the roofs. She knew their rifles were aimed right at her head. But they soon wouldn't be her problem.
           Flexing her knees, she began breathing deeper, concentrating her senses on the clock. The gears ground on towards the hour as she listened, waiting for that one simple tick that would tell her it was time to draw.
           One minute to go.
           She didn't see Minako inching down the porch railing at the saloon, nor Michiru sidling along behind the other spectators. Setsuna was leaning on her staff, off on Mamoru's side of the main street.
           Thirty seconds.
           Rei's purple eyes gazed down the street at Mamoru. Her former king, she knew. His wife had been her best friend...but was now dead, this broken town bearing her name. Somewhere deep inside him, Mamoru had to have remembered her.
           The gears ground and clicked, the minute hand groaning as it shifted up to hit the top.
           Both Mamoru and Rei were already drawing, the muzzles clearing their holsters to take aim.
           A ball of power roared past Mamoru, knocking him over. It hurtled up to slam into the clock tower, demolishing it and sending Seiya flying off the roof.
           Both Yaten and Taiki whirled, their Astrals locking onto Setsuna. Before they could fire, Michiru crossed her arms. In one hand was her Aqua Mirror. In the other, her dead lover's golden Space Sword. Beams of light exploded from both simultaneously, slamming into the buildings and knocking the two enforcers off their feet.
           As Mamoru staggered back up, Seiya had also regained his feet and ran over to shove him back down. The former Starlight peered down the sights of his rifle at Rei, who was kneeling by the wreckage.
           "CRESCENT BEAM!"
           The blow sheered his hat off and flung him back into a bloody heap.
           Startled, Rei glanced over at Minako, who was just lowering her good arm. The blonde grinned back weakly. "Sometimes, the old moves work the best," Then her eyes widened. ""
           She could feel it, too. The Starlights were now dead, all three of them. And her memory was back. All of it. And she knew.
           The other Senshi looked startled as Rei bellowed. Staggering to her feet, the Soldier of Mars shook an angry fist at the dark, smoky sky. "I know you're there! You've been using our Mamoru as a puppet for years, ever since you destroyed Crystal Tokyo. Show yourself!"
           A giant projection of their enemy appeared over the town. She crossed her arms defiantly over her green and gold dress, long purple hair spilling down her bare, white shoulders. Raising a hand, she tapped her sharp black nails against the golden choker that adorned her throat.
           Nehelenia had returned.
           Gasping, Setsuna, Minako and Michiru all linked hands, backing up to protect Mamoru with their bodies. Rei continued to glare up at the image of the Mirror Queen.
           "Welcome back, Senshi of the White Moon," Nehelenia purred, "I'd like to thank you for killing off most of your fellow soldiers for me over the last three days. It was *most* entertaining. Especially watching Endymion himself kill three of you."
           Rei's hands caught fire as her battle aura lit. The bruises and swelling burned away in her fury, her body glowing.
           With a look of disdain, Nehelenia flicked a fingertip at the saloon, blowing it to splinters and sending a hidden, shrieking Kino Makoto tumbling out into Rei, knocking the raven-haired Senshi down.
           When the two women had struggled back to their feet, Nehelenia herself stood in front of them, surrounded by a guard of her Mirror Paraderies.
           "Seeing you all ruthless and desperate...I liked that," she smiled. "But I'm afraid that it's time for you to die, some of you for the third time!"
           The two remaining Outers raised their Talismans while the Inners focused their energies once again. But they all halted when a voice behind them spoke.
           "Ladies, let me handle this on my own."
           They spun to see Mamoru adjusting a top hat, his long black cape hanging down. He half-turned to smile at them, placing a white mask over his eyes. "As Minako-chan said, 'sometimes the old moves work the best.' Ne?"
           Stepping through them, he produced his cane. "Now, Nehelenia, in the name of the moon...I'll spank your ass!"

Cane: *Boing!*

Senshi: o.O;; "......"

Nehelenia: "What the?"

Chaos: >.< [not Tuxedo Kekko Kamen!] "Aw hell...."

Usagi: [off-set] "Oooh, Mamo-chan's been putting on weight."

           The Mirror Paraderies all screamed and shattered apart at the sight of Mamoru in his top hat, cane, mask, and nothing else. Nehelenia stood surrounded by shards of glass, gawking at Tuxedo Kekko Kamen. Then she abruptly smiled. "I'll take it!"
           Jumping forward, she slung Mamoru over her shoulder and bounded off the set into her trailer. The door slammed shut, then opened again to deposit a sign on the doorknob: "If the trailer's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'!"

Trailer Door: *SLAM*

Chaos: --; [more delays?] "Okaaaaaaaay...perhaps we should take a ten minute break!"

Nehelenia: [from her trailer] "Ooooooh harder, Mamo-chan! Yes, YES!!! I've been a baaaaad evil bitch queen!!"

Director Chaos: o.O;; "Make that twenty minutes...and a cold shower. And can someone soundproof their trailer please?"

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