His lordship Chaos here.
These 2 Omake Theatres are very much in vein of the Docufic's subject matter. Both of them deal with the workings of *bad* fanfiction. In regards to this first Omake, some of you may or may not be familiar with one of the more infamous Sailor Moon authors out there: Dr. Thinker.
He's one of the more colourful guys who can't spell or do grammar properly to save the universe. Yet at the same time he's also a guy with a great sense of humour and doesn't mind in the slightest that his fics get riffed. In fact, from the sounds of it his writing's improving. So let's hear it for Dr. Thinker, the man who created the ultimate line of "Gyra famous on Amy."
If you managed to figure this one out on the first try, you're a better otaku than I am. But not about to be outdone, the Fanboys shall now attempt to decipher the puzzling logic behind ThinkerSpeak.

* * *
[Cue the fanboys!]

Chaos: [groan!] " Shimatta, I never want to do another mega-riffing of a Chibiusa hentaific again!"

Carnage: [sigh!] " wasn't all that bad."

Pesti: "That's just because you got to nuke the Yamhead and the island with multiple Satellite Strikes, Carnage!"

Chaos: [......] "I did not enjoy getting blown up like that."

Havoc: ^-^ "Hotcha! But I certainly did enjoy all the bikinis I collected!"

Fanboys: "SHADDUP HAVOC!!!"

Pesti: "Anyhoo, we just received an interesting question from a friend of ours, one of which I'm sure every MSTer is well aware of."

[Cue the question!]

>*btw, if you know what "Gyra famous on Amy" means,
>please tell me!*

Pesti: o.O "They're asking us to decipher Dr. Thinker?"

Havoc: "Na ni? That's like trying to find a bra in a pantystack!"

Fanboys: "......"

Mayhem: "Ah, him as Thinker speak could letters well."

Chaos: "Maybe it's a Sailor Moon CD."

Pesti: "Maybe it's a Greek statue."

Havoc: [pondering] "Hmm...Gyra famous on Amy? Sounds like a new body sandwich for my Planet Hentai menu."

Carnage: [grrr!] "Instead of a body sandwich, how about a body glove, ya freak: DYNAST FLARE!!!"

Havoc: ^-^ "Oro?"

[Cue the gratuitous Cream Lemon explosion!]

Pesti: --;; "Ah, just what this Omake needs: more whipped cream."

Mayhem: [tasting a sample] "Hm...Havoc, I think this batch is a little more lemony than usual."

Chaos: "I can't believe you're encouraging him, Mayhem!"

Mayhem: "Oh, and like Carnage here ever managed to *stop* him?"

Havoc: ^-^ "Panties panties panties!"

Carnage: [grrrrr!] "One smite, that's all I ask for! One...freakin'... smite!!"

Pesti: [pulling out the WetVac] "Yare yare. It's a wonder the Omake Theatre didn't short out again thanks to the Cream Lemon overload like last time."

Chaos: [sigh!] "Curse our author. If it wasn't for him, I'd be on a date right now with my Mako-chan!"

Pesti: "*YOUR* Mako-chan?!"

[This Omake has been abruptly terminated due to mindless ranting. Please excuse the lack of sanity or sense...not that we'd apologize for it anyways. ^-^]



His lordship Chaos here again.
A few days ago I got an excerpt from an EVA lemon that an associate of mine stumbled across (much to his displeasure) on the Net. Trust me; this fic deserves an MST. The quotes he gave me were indeed something to leap out of a window over, but in my usual indomitable form I created a few Fanboys! countermeasures for his amusement.
Methinks said associate is deliberately trying to give me a heart attack...not that it would work after Havoc & I pulled off MSTfic 2 and lived. I realize that you all should share in this too--not just in the pain but the laughter. Ja!

^-^ Tee hee!

Lord Chaos.

* * *

[Cue the fanboys!]

Chaos: o.O "A bad EVA Lemon?!"

Mayhem: "I can only pray that it's being MSTed as we speak and not being allowed to run free."

Pesti: [eye roll!] "Wild guess: Shinji gets it on with either Misato, Rei, or Asuka...or all of them."

Carnage: [sharpening his Zanba blade] "So long as it doesn't involve the EVAs and/or the Angels getting it on, I can withstand the urge to use Giga Slave."

A Bad Eva lemon.

I quote: [Asuka] got

Pesti: "A headache?"
Havoc: "Jello?"
Carnage: "SHADDUP, YA FREAK!!"
Chaos: "A run in her pantyhose? No wait....that's me."

off him before he was about to blow

Mayhem: "His cover?"
Pesti: "His top?"
Carnage: "The author away with his positron cannon?"

and pulled his dick out of the shower.

Fanboys: o.O
Pesti: [starts humming theme song to Psycho]
Mayhem: "Oh look! Asuka's gone and pulled a Loreena Bobbit!"
Carnage: "Too bad she couldn't pull one on the author."
Havoc: [blink blink!] "I had no idea those things were detachable."
Chaos: "HAVOC!!"

* * *


Mayhem: "Well we're not arguing with the author there."

off to it, if ur a girl finger to it."

Chaos: "What the hell was that all about?!"
Mayhem: "'Ur' just too dense to finger it out."
Carnage: "I'm ready to finger the author. Since when did this become a Dr. Thinkerfic?!"
Pesti: "Dr. Thinker would never crawl so low. He might not make sense but even he's got standards."

* * *

"Not just sex okay cuz I am a romantic at heart."

Chaos: "Ah, so that explains why no one's used their brain to stay in character yet."
Havoc: [searching through the script] "Romance...romance...nope! Haven't found it yet. Onwards then with the gratuitous hentai!"

"She slid down his body,

Mayhem: "And then spent the next three hours picking out slivers from her butt?"

took his dick

Pesti: "Loreena Bobbit strikes again?"
Chaos: "It's a game of hide and go seek!"

in her mouth,

Havoc: ^-^ "Ah, breath freshener!"
Fanboys: "SHADDUP HAVOC!!!"

and then she... bit

Carnage: "The bullet?"
Pesti: "Then she...wouldn't have to suffer in this lemon anymore. And neither would we, for that matter."

down, hard."

Carnage: "Ah, the author's describing how well the plot is faring."
Mayhem: "Sit, boy! Sit down, hard!"

"Shinji didn't know what was going to happen,

Chaos: "Quite frankly, I don't really care what's going to happen."
Pesti: "This is what happens when you agree to do a fic before reading the script."

but he knew one thing.

Mayhem: "He's not being paid enough for this?"
Chaos: "His dick was hidden somewhere in the room thanks to Asuka?"
Havoc: "Jello is a girl's best friend?"

It looked like

Chaos: "A bag of headcheese?"

he was going to get laid tonight."

Carnage: "Gee, and this being a lemon I would have never seen that one coming!"
Havoc: "Wrong spelling on that last word, Carnage."
Carnage: "WAS I ASKING YOU?!"

* * *

"Shinji simply shrugged and told her that

Havoc: [as Shinji] "Ha! You may have hidden my dick somewhere on the Geofront, but I always carry a spare with me!"
Carnage: "You'll be carrying that spare with you all the way to the sun, Havoc: MEGA BRAND!!!"
Chaos: "So that's why they call them 'Dummy Plugs'!"
Carnage: "Ok, the dragqueen's next!"

the LCL fluids inside of the EVA's acted as

Mayhem: "Shakespearean characters in Hamlet when no one was looking?"

a contraceptive if used regularly."

Havoc: [???] "How do you use LCL fluids? They're not like KY Jelly, are they?"
Pesti: [darkly] "Not unless you turn it into CL (Cream Lemon) fluid like you did in the Christmasfic, Havoc."

* * *

"Meanwhile Asuka got on the phone

Chaos: "Aw man, she crushed the cellular!"
Pesti: "Too bad she couldn't get *out* of the fic."

and started bragging to Hikari about how she

Havoc: "Still had Shinji looking for his stolen dick?"
Mayhem: "Hey, that was my line!"
Havoc: ^-^ "You've got to cream really early in the morning to beat the Hentenno!"

and Shinji were in love

Carnage: "Love in a lemon? Now there's a real work of fiction!"

and how he made her cum five times today."

Pesti: "Hey, Shinji's not a part of Canada's food guide!"
Mayhem: "I'd argue it goes under vegetables: we might be reduced to that if this fic doesn't end soon."

* * *

"She nibbld on them

"Chaos: "Oh look! Corn nibblts!"
Fanboys: [singing!] "Good things from the garden, garden in the valley, valley of the jolly green Shinji!"
Havoc: [???] "Shinji's got gangreene there?!"
Carnage: "GAAV FLARE!!!"

and yanked them with her teeth,

Pesti: "And out pops her dentures!"

all while jerking his dick slowly off."

Mayhem: "Oh, I guess he found it after all."
Carnage: "Dammit."
Havoc: "I hope Shinji's superglued that baby on good; Asuka seems determined to rip it off again."

^-^ Tee hee! I swear I have waaaay too much fun with these.

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