Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend

Rating: Episodes 1-3: 4 Rampages 4 onward: 2½ Rampages ah hell, somebody ticked off Havoc again...

After 3,000 years, the Overfiend has returned, and will remake all three realms (Demon, Human and Beast) into something more to his liking! Ripping the boundaries to the three universes apart, itís clear that little can stand in his way...but that wonít stop members of the three realms from trying. Blood n' guts, yum yum!

When this first appeared, it completely knocked the hentai world off its feet. Pushing the boundaries of everything that had been done up till then, this was far more than just La Blue Girl. The story was actually fairly good, and they stuck with it 100%. The animation is still good by todayís standards, and the fight scenes are some of the finest Iíve seen in a long time. Granted the sex scenes are rather gratuitous at times, it still is an amazing erotic horror anime (probably the only TRUE erotic horror out there). Unfortunately, after the first 3 part series, the quality dropped significantly. The first three episodes are very much worth watching if you are a hentai fan, but remember, this is definitely not for everyone.

Available dubbed through Anime 18.

Amano Jyaku's UROTSUKIDOJI Realm of the Chojin