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Dancing Mink Dancing Mink

Dragon Half

Rating: 4½ Rampages Mink's parents frolicking

Mink is a cute little dragon halfling (half human/half dragon) who has the unfortunate luck to fall in love with a famous handsome idol singer (you know the type). Unfortunate, because he is also a famous dragon hunter who would like nothing better to put Mink's head on a wall. Her main goal is to find a potion that will make her completely human and will do just about anything that will give her a chance at it. High in slapstick humor and action, this series follows Mink as she pursues that potion and is pursued in turn by the dragon hunter. Mink's skimpy clothing may also be a factor in audience appeal... :-)
Mink and pals

A dramatic, evocative tale of heroism, valour, and bravery in the face of unspeakable evil; a timeless classic illuminating the un-ending struggle between the forces of light and darkness...
...will certainly not be found in this title. What do you think this is, Record of Lodoss Wars or something? Dragon Half is about as unashamedly comedy-oriented and irreverent as you could possibly imagine, and it seeps into every aspect of the anime. Fortunately for the viewer, Dragon Half also manages to pull it off nearly flawlessly at a frenetic never-catch-your-breath pace. This is by far one of the most warped and hilarious anime ever created. Same gripe as with Bastard, it REALLY should have gone for more than 2 episodes. Almost all SD, it's full of comedy, silly combat, comedy, silly romance, and more comedy. I guarantee even if you’re not a diehard otaku, you will piss your pants laughing. Buy it as soon as you get the opportunity, you will not be disappointed.
Part of this review was taken from the T.H.E.M. Science Fiction & Fantasy Club web site.

Available subtitled through ADVision.

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