Dragon Ball

Rating: ½ Rampages

Dragon Ball is the story of Goku, a brave, innocent young boy with incredible powers who is plunged into a mystical adventure that is played out in exotic lands filled with noble warriors, beautiful princesses, shape-changing monsters, armies of ruthless villains and a kooky old wise man.

Deep within the core of the Earth a fire rages. Within the heart of this fire dwells the Eternal Dragon Shenlon, a magical beast of limitless power that can be summoned from his fiery lair only when the seven magic Dragon Balls - now scattered over the face of the Earth - are found and brought together. When the seven magic Dragon Balls are united, the Eternal Dragon will appear before the adventurer who brought them together and grant that person a single wish. Then, once more the balls will be scattered to the four winds, and the dragon beast will return to his fiery lair until another brave or foolish soul rediscovers the balls and tries to bring them together.

A couple guys I know insisted that I give Dragon Ball a chance. Well, that I did...a chance to join Kishin Corps on the firing range. Childish humor full of bathroom gags, a story that doesn't deserve to even say that it's 'loosely' based off of a Chinese legend, and phenomenally crappy art that turned me off the show from the start...I was really not impressed by Dragon Ball. Sure, the story continues in an epic sort of fashion, but it just bored me to death...I simply couldn't care about any of the characters at all. Totally uninteresting music and art, far too many bad jokes, and although the fights aren't as big of a thing as in DBZ they still pay too much attention to them. Frankly, I've never understood the appeal of this show, and I doubt I ever will...so I can't really recommend this to anyone because I can't figure out what the hell anyone would like about it.

The cast of DBZ

Dragon Ball Z

Rating: 1 Rampage

Synopsis: Look how big my muscles are!
A continuation of the Dragon Ball storyline, now following a grown-up Goku and his battles with his Saiyan brethren.

Ugh, I feel dirty just reviewing this. While I wasn't that fond of the original series, DBZ is just godawful. The art has gotten even worse than before (they all look exactly the same, constantly scowl, and have muscles and veins popping out of everywhere). Story? What story? What can you say about a series where a SINGLE FIGHT goes on for 13 episodes! ONE DAMN FIGHT!! Argh. The one and only entertaining element in this series was the comic relief of Mr. Satan...this guy redefines the meaning of the word "clueless." If you like really dumb shonen where it's all about the size of your biceps and how much blood you can get out of your opponent (whether he dies or not), then you MIGHT like DBZ...then again, you might want to blow up your TV, so be warned.

Herself the Elf sez: This one makes the art in Jo-Jo's Bizarre Adventure look like Mononoke-hime. Let me just say that Super-Deformity and giant muscles DO NOT MIX!!!!! argh. Pokemon may be crappy but at least the character designs are cute...

Both series available fansubbed or in butchered-English version from Pioneer.