Sedon and Miu

Rating: 2½ Rampage

Beyond magic, beyond science, there is Dragoon! When the young swordsman, Sedon, finds the beautiful Miu unconscious and naked in the snow, he has no idea she's the product of an evil experiment. Nor is he aware that ruthless soldiers have been ordered to track her down and bring her back. But soon he discovers just how important Miu is to an evil plan that involves treacherous royalty, bloodthirsty killers and a devastating power within May herself. A magical tale combining fantasy and science fiction, Dragoon will transport you to a land of enchantment and danger, of passion and power. A world where the only thing more powerful than magic is love.

Ho hum. Another fantasy show that wants to be Record of Lodoss War. Or does it? I don't seem to remember so many nekkid flashes in RoLW or Legend of Crystania...hell, the heroine doesn't don any clothing for like the first 15 minutes of the show. Not exactly a bad thing, but a little on the strange side...somebody must have thought they were making a hentai, only to find out otherwise during post production. The story is yet another incarnation of the "young hero meets mystical girl he must protect" shtick, with all the staples of the genre - by the second episode he's got his little merry band together and is all ready to save the world. The animation is quite a letdown--an OVA this recently made should look WAY better than a clone of fantasy TV series. The character designs also looked kind of weird for something so new...almost like they were copies of half the cast of Fire Emblem and Lodoss TV. The only real high point is the stellar voice work. Ishida Akira (Xelloss) plays the main character, with Miyamura Yuko (Asuka) as his little sister, and Seki Toshihiko as a mage/prince who comes to their aid. There are plenty of other notable names in the cast, but with picks like that you've got one reason to check this show out. While the two mains are horribly cliched and boring to the extreme, many of the secondaries are great fun to watch, especially his little sister who seems to be the "comic relief" of the show. Better than Crystania and Fire Emblem, but not by a lot, Dragoon is best left on the shelf for other more qualified fantasy shows.

Available subbed or dubbed from AD Vision.