Dual! Parallelrurun Monogatari

(Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure)
The poster for Dual.

Rating: 3 rampages

The story opens on a construction site for a new school. A back hoe is having problems excavating the area because of a large bronze colored stone. A worker told to investigate it finds a rather curious monument with a removable plate. The two supervisors decide that they do not want to delay their schedule for an investigation, so they tell the worker to throw away the plate. As he does so, the worker wonders if that is a such a good idea and he ends up putting the plate into his pocket. Suddenly the world bifurcates around that one decision.

Twenty-two years later, Kazuki falls asleep on his keyboard while updating his web site/bulletin board. He rushes out to school as he is late. On his way to school we hear two girls comment about him. "Him? He is the one?" "Looks like it..." Suddenly shadows flash overhead and an explosion occurs right behind him. Although Kazuki flinches, the debris seems to pass right through him, as if it were not really there. In the distance two giant mecha fight. The two girls giggle. Where there should be a crater from the explosion, there is just the two girls being amused at the infamous boy who has sudden spasms and fits and claims to have seen giant robots fighting. It seems that only Kazuki can see these battles so he has taken to documenting them on a web site calling it a story. He has even named all the robots.

Later that day, the school idol Sanada Mitsuki follows Kazuki and tries to get him to tell her about the mecha because she says she knows something about what he is seeing. This leads Kazuki to Mitsuki's house where he gets to meet her enthusiastic mad-scientist father, who explains that Kazuki is seeing a parallel world. It is not enough to say that, though, and the father is intent on sending Kazuki to this parallel world.

Review:Mitsuki and Kazuki.
Oh look! It's Tenchi With EVA's!! *sigh* Will someone PLEASE get the folks at Pioneer to hire some new character designers, as the Tenchi designs are REALLY getting old. Not only that, but they seem to stick with the same sort of formulaic story: Shy but important boy keeps running into more and more anime babes who he is usually running away from as much action and comedy ensues. I'll need to see more episodes before I give final judgment on the story; I've only seen the first episode but I must say I'm not all that impressed. As I said earlier, the art is totally rehashed from the rest of the AIC/Pioneer releases, and the characters themselves don't seem to have a hell of a lot of depth to them as yet. The mecha all look like complete ripoffs of Evangelion, and I'm not sure if that's intended as a parody, or just a stupid mistake...time will tell. I'm also getting sick of all these new shows slapping fancy computer effects into the show, in the hopes that it'll get the viewers' attention. Unless it's done nice and subtle, CGI animation just looks tacky and way too clean. As I said, I've only seen the first episode, so my opinion could very well change as I see more of the story, but my disgust with the art is not likely to change. Somewhat recommended.

Availability:Look!  It's and EVA!.
As far as I know it's only available fansubbed.