Rating: 2½ Rampages

Synopsis:The requisite overzealous mecha pilot
The Space Station NEXT is fighting a war of independence with Earth. Meanwhile, the mysterious entity known only as "S" has attacked Earth's defenses. Even the best weapons available, unpiloted robotic armor known as "MVs", are no match for this mysterious power. Earth's fate lies in the hands of people who don't even know it... Cover for the box

Here we have another one of Anime village's "filler" titles; Like AWOL, a little known show with practically no fanbase, which they hope to make more money off of here than they did in Japan. While AWOL was a complete pile of shit, Ehrgeiz, while being far from a classic, is still worth watching. The opening song is a classic Mecha song...rock oriented with silly lyrics with lots of mecha flying around. Decent, but not particularly memorable, and the same goes for the mild ending song. The characters are a mixed bag--while the revolutionaries are kind of stiff, the privateer crew is a nice mix of weirdos, with Iwata Mitsuo (Mitsuru Ikeda from Greenwood) as our hero, Jay. Most of the voices sounded very familiar, and all of them are quite fitting. Camel (the playboy) is especially fun to watch; man he is a bastard. While the art is pretty good all around, the mecha designs are pretty stupid-looking. I believe the term "walking tin cans" fits the bill here. Probably the weakest point of the show is the fact that the story is a little difficult to follow. Nothing gets explained at the start, and it takes a while just to figure out who's who. Are these the revolutionaries? Who the hell are they fighting? Who are they? ARGH! Eventually it starts making sense, but this is a mistake they should have been able to avoid. Not that good of a choice for a purchase, but those of you who can't get enough mecha, and have some patience, might really enjoy Ehrgeiz.

Corollary: As far as I can tell this has nothing to do with the Playstation game of the same name.

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