An elf and her...what the hell is that thing anyways?

Elven Bride

Rating: 3 Rampages

What happens when a human and an elf get married? Let us just say that the course of true love does not run smoothly, especially when the handsome hubby's first order of business is to find a supply of the mythical lubricant "Harpy Ooze". Add a few more little tidbits, like double-headed dragons and prejudiced humans and one can see why not everyone marries an elf! Continues with volume two: An apple a day keeps the doctor away but when newlywed elf, Milfa, decides that a visit to the gynecologist is in order, she may need a little something more... like garlic, wolvesbane and holy water. However, with a little help from Michiko, a sexy succubus, Kenji just might be in time to save the day? Contains Adult Situations, Sex and Nudity. Honey! I've got the aphrodisiacs!

Ever wonder what would happen between Parn and Deedlit after Record of Lodoss War? Well, evidently you weren’t extremely silly romp, this one, despite the obligatory sex scenes, is still a lot of fun to watch.

Available subtitled through SoftCel Pictures.