Rating: 3 Rampages It's a bird, it's a plane, it's....

When Nabosu, the king of Megaronia, finds himself in the possession of the awesome power of an ancient race, he sets upon a course of conquest. Seeking further remnants of the ancient race, he plunders the four Holy Islands of God until at last his brutal tide sweeps across to the island of Eija. Slaughtering the queen and king, and taking their son, Elluri, as a hostage to ensure the allegiance of the Eijian people, Nabosu now rules the world... But in the very ruins of the technology that has brought Nabosu to power lie the seeds of his downfall. In an ancient manuscript are the words that confirm the truth of the prophecies of the Eijian holy book; prophesies that one day the land shall be conquered, but that vengeance would come swiftly in the form of a chosen one, who will rally the people and, with the fiercest ship on the earth, vanquish the blasphemous invaders and wipe Megaronia from the very face of the world. Her name is Eira, and this is her story.

This is what happens when you get so many anime coming out at the same time, many of them really high quality. Quite a few pretty good ones get ignored, or just look crappy in comparison. Ellcia doesnít hold water to shows like Record of Lodoss War, but it is fun to watch nonetheless. The animation is different, music is alright, and the story is quite interesting. Though Iíve only seen the first two episodes, Iím intrigued enough to see the rest...provided I have the time.

Available subtitled through ADVision.