Beat Angel Escalayer

Rating: 2 Rampages

Episodes seen: 1 of ? cover for the DVD

One day, Kyohei Yanase, a womanizer/playboy, sees a glowing light falling down the sky near his house. It leads him to a house where he sneeks a peek through a window and sees 2 girls masturbing each other. Their names are Sayoka, one of his childhood friends, and Madoka, her robot assistant. Madoka sees Kyohei peeking and calls him in to help her raise Sayoka's "Doki-Doki Dynamo" to the fullest in order for her to become a Escalayer Angel--apparently lesbian sex just doesn't do it for her anymore. Madoka threatens to blackmail him if he doesn't help. He has no choice but to accept, and he start giving pleasure to Sayoka. Sayoka is secretly a magical girl fighting to save the earth from the evil Dailas and his followers. In order to do that, he needs Sayoka's Doki-Doki Dynamo to do so. Dailas creates Haruku, the dark angel of death, and sends her to retrieve the heartbeat diamond. Will Sayoka defeats the dark messenger from hell ? Will Kyohei tells his true feeling to Sayoka ?

Herself the Elf sez: EscaLAYER? No kidding! LOL...but in all seriousness folks, this is pretty average with some wacky bizarreness thrown in. For one thing, Madoka looks like Dejiko and Kyohei looks like Excel. If that weren't weird enough, the evil monster Sayoka fights in the first ep is a fluffy pink bunny with giant fangs, a duck head on one side and a dog head on the other. WTF?!?!?! Oh, and while the aforementioned bunny monster is rampaging through a theme park and destroying everything, Sayoka and Kyohei take the time to have a rather lengthy "charging up" session. Seems rather inefficient to me...

Of *course* they need a MAN to satisfy her properly and charge up her magical girl gizmo.....

The art is decent CG stuff, but the genitals are pixelated to the point of absurdity--at some points 80% of the screen was pixelated. What exactly is the point when you're digitizing the whole screen? One of the Fanboys hypothesized that the digitization had becom sentient and was trying to spare the audience by eliminating the show altogether. *LOL*

And of course, we have the Amazing Invisible Penis. It just wouldn't be a lame hentai without one...bleh. If the whole purpose of a show is for sex, but then you can't show ANYthing of the sex....why bother? Not particularly interesting or titillating.

Available fansubbed.

Created 17-02-04