Excel Saga

Rating: 4½ Rampages

Excel preparing to kill Rokudou-kun Synopsis:
Mitsuishi Kotono (EVANGELION's Misato and SAILOR MOON's Tsukino Usagi) has expressed enjoyment in playing silly roles, and the lead role of Excel has got to be the silliest one so far. Excel is the indestructible agent of the mysterious ACROSS organization. Her job is to do the bidding of her leader, the handsome Ilbarazzo. Until the arrival of Hyatt, the dark-haired Ifurita look-alike, Excel was the only minion of ACROSS...and Ilbarazzo has no qualms about shooting her whenever she pisses him off....and then just has 'The Universe' (a starfield with arms) bring her back to life. And then shoots her again. Then there's Menchi, Excel's poor dog, who sings the ending song for the show about how her owner's always abusing her and threatening to eat her (with the aid of subtitles and a Japanese interpreter). Even the creator of the EXCEL SAGA manga, Rokudou Hoshi, gets a part on the show as a lanky dude with glasses; Excel's first assignment is to assassinate Rokudou because, as Ilbarazzo says, his manga are crap. Ilbarazzo displaying the Excel Saga manga

Well, I gotta agree, that IS a capital offense right there, but please do NOT kill the maker of this wonderfully screwed up series as it would mean we'd never get to see any more of it. And I thought that Haunted Junction was close to being an animated version of the Fanboys' lives...this is just bang-on. At no point in this show are we given a moment to actually catch our breath..or if we are, the gag five seconds later completely negates any tiny amount of resting we may have had from the fits of laughter ensuing from the insanity on screen. The guys all insist I say this rather often, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find ANYTHING this plain fucked up and twistedly funny. Not even Prefectural Earth Defense Force or Dragon Half can beat Excel Saga for sheer insanity--we have a new champ, folks! Sure, the character development is rather lax (I think the dog is probably the most in-depth character in the show) but as I've pointed out in reviews for other such shows, when your gut is aching from laughing too hard, character and believability become pretty irrelevant. I'm kind of wondering how they managed to keep all of this insanity going for 26 episodes...but it sure is gonna be fun finding out ^_^

If you like parodies (and believe me, this show takes shots at EVERYTHING - Star Wars, Aliens, Giant Robo, Starblazers..nothing escapes the aim of these twisted writers) then this is the perfect show for you. I have never seen a better example of a studio having so much fun being as silly and strange as they possibly can. Unfortunately I can see some people getting turned off by it as there is the problem of simply overdosing on the insanity and being totally confused, but for those of us who love wacky, bizarre antics, Excel Saga is just too good to miss.

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