I just love wet T-shirt contets...


Rating: 1 Rampage

Poor Hiroe Ogawa has a problem. She is young and attractive, but she is also Frantic, Frustrated And Female, and in the ballgame of love she has already got one big strike against her. You see, no matter how hard she tries, she has never been able to, well, um, you know. Fortunately, with the help of a few of her closest friends (not to mention a fortune teller and the friendly neighborhood mad scientist), she finally manages to find a solution! This inspiring story of one young woman's courageous quest for the ultimate feel good exposes the bare facts concerning the incredible extremes to which Hiroe will go to achieve her ultimate goal! Here, you can borrow my vibrator! This nubile young lady has everything but time on her hands as, armed with the latest scientific aids and novelties, she plunges forward, again and again, putting forth everything she has in order to come clean! While she might have to take quite a licking before she finally makes it, rest assured that F3 is one animated film that really does build to a climax! Contains Sex, Nudity and Adult Situations.

I think there is only one word can sum this one up...gratuitous. What else can be said about a story whose main plot device is the Quest for Orgasm? I guess rampant lesbianism doesn’t need an excuse, at least not in this particular anime...not particularly recommended.

Available subtitled (1st ep also available dubbed) through SoftCel Pictures.