"Well, that was a bust," Mayhem said, flopping down onto the couch in the living room of the Fanboys. "Setsuna moved so fast that we couldn't even read her tattoo."
"But at least we know she has one," Pesti-chan countered. "That means one tattoo to go, and three Senshi left."
"Our only problem with Setsuna is the fact that she'll see us coming about five hundred years away," Chaos sighed. "We should delegate the efforts, so that we can cut time in half as it is rapidly diminishing. One of us should think of a ploy to lure Setsuna into showing us her tattoo, and the others should concentrate on the remaining Senshi. If Anarchy's over her hangover, I would think her to be best for confronting Setsuna. Pesti-chan and I will work on Ami since Mayhem will only explode on contact, and likewise Mayhem should work with Makoto since Pesti-chan and I will only manage to provoke her with our amorous advances. Any objections?"
Both Pesti-chan and Mayhem sat bolt upright, warily staring at Chaos. "That paragraph he just spoke now frightens me more than any super deformed fury he's gone into," Mayhem stated. "Pesti-chan, grab your mallet and find the damned Yggdrasil bug that's doing it."
Pesti-chan's eyes narrowed as he spotted the rabbit-spider thingy atop Chaos' head. Reaching back for his pan-dimensional mallet he stalked towards the now intellectually-appearing Chaos. "That's right, come to Pesti."
Moments later Pesti-chan smashed the bug off Chaos' head, the shrieking creature trying to leap away and escape. However it only managed to get catapulted by the hammer right into Mayhem. A stunned Mayhem jerked back as the bug exploded on impact, covering the wide-eyed fanboy in a sloppy puddle of dripping blue goo.
"Hm," Pesti-chan remarked, shaking some of the goop of his mallet. "That's the first time they've done that. Aya, that's disgusting! Oh...you've got some entrails on your nose, Mayhem."
Mayhem nodded, flicking his hand and watching a large piece of the blue goop slowly ooze its way towards the floor. "Arigato, Pesti-chan. This...rather messy event could be something to do with the growing singularity. Either way, I'll be taking a bath right now."
Chaos blinked. "Sugoi, that was a freaky trip. Ne, Pesti-chan, am I back to my super deformed self again, and--hey! Who made a mess of all this blue slime in the living room?!"
An SD Chaos immediately launched into a hyperactive frenzy and wound up playing slip n' slide with the puddles of blue slime. "KYAAA!!! TASUKETEEEE!!!" he shrieked as he frantically skidded past Pesti-chan, heading for the open balcony window.
Pesti-chan swatted at his sweatdrop. "Yeah, you're back to being as normal as you could ever get, Chaos." He glanced over to the front door as someone knocked. "It's open!"
And in stepped the radiant Ami-chan.
"Ohayo, Ami-chan," Chaos said, gripping into the couch as his feet danced wildly around on the goop. Pesti-chan, I need cleats!"
"Ne, where's Carrot-chan?" she asked.
"Taking a bath," Pesti-chan replied, jerking his thumb back in the direction of the hallway. "As you can see by the mess in the living room, it wasn't a pretty sight."
Ami-chan tried to hide her disappointment. "Oh. Is it alright if I just stay here until he finishes?"
"Go right ahead," Chaos said, flopping onto the safety of the couch. "Help yourself to something in the fridge." Moments later the couch flipped over, sending Chaos back into the puddle of blue bug slime.
"Hard Lemonade's on the second shelf," Pesti-chan offered.
Chaos smacked his underlord in training upside the head. "What did you do that for? You want another Dark Schnieder incident?"
"Ow!" Pesti-chan exclaimed, rubbing the X-shaped Band-Aid tat had suddenly appeared on his head. "Well, he has to be unleashed by the end of this fanfic anyways."
They glanced over their shoulders as they saw Ami-chan working her way around the kitchen. "If she hears us about trying to figure out how to strip her and the remaining Senshi naked, there's no telling what she might do," Chaos whispered.
"With the way she is around Mayhem," Pesti-chan replied. "Ami would probably just drop her clothes on the spot."
"But if word of this leaks to my Mako-chan, we'll never be able to get near her!" Chaos countered. "She'll smite all of us without hesitation."
"*WHOSE* Mako-chan?!" Pesti-chan hissed.
Chaos rolled his eyes, glancing back at a suddenly empty kitchen. Bug-eyed mode quickly followed. "Ne, Pesti-chan..." he asked. "You see where she disappeared to?"
Pesti-chan shook his head. "No, why?"
Suddenly there was a frantic, high-pitched scream from Mayhem in the bathing room, accompanied by giggles and thrashing water. The two fanboys looked at each other.
"Bathroom," they chorused, knocking aside their sweatdrops. The two raced over to the bathing room, overshooting it completely thanks to Chaos hitting a patch of blue slime again. But finally they did manage to get to the closed screen. Chaos slid open the shoji, and coughed as a tide of steam flooded into the hallway.
Pulling out a pan-dimensional, industrial-sized fan, Pesti-chan cleared the steam from the bathing room. And as the mist parted it revealed a kawaii and giggling Ami-chan all wrapped up in a towel and sitting on the edge of the hot water tub. And there was a spontaneously combusted SD Mayhem: eyes bugged out, eyebrows twitching, thoroughly red and with frizzied hair in every direction. The water around him was still venting steam and bubbling.
Chaos: "I distinctly recall this being a no smoking fanfic."
Pesti: "He looks like a piece of boiled pork."
Ami-chan stuck out her tongue, unable to stop giggling. "Gomen ne. I wanted it to be a surprise."
Chaos waved a hand in front of Mayhem's catatonic face. "Oh, you surprised him alright, Ami-chan. Yo, Mayhem, snap out of it!"
Ami-chan closed the shoji to dry off and change back into her clothes. Pesti-chan sighed once the door was closed. "Yare yare, I think this more painful for Mayhem now than before when Ami was too shy to admit she liked him."
Chaos leaned closer to Mayhem's face. "Ne, did you see if she had a tattoo on her before you exploded?"
Mayhem twitched, shaking his head. "No...no tattoo...tattoo. No tattoo...I-I didn't see one...looked all over...not one...all over...legs go all the way up...tattoo...no tattoo. She had a...cute butt...no tattoo....up...all the way up..."
"Okay, I'm going out on a limb here and guessing she doesn't have a tattoo," Chaos said.
He and Pesti-chan turned around as Ami emerged from the change room fully clothed now. She walked right up to the smouldering Mayhem.
"Ja na, Carrot-chan." And with that Ami-chan leaned over and gave Mayhem another peck on the cheek. Mayhem's faulty dating chromosome kicked into high gear, the water frothing and bubbling around him as she slid the shoji screen behind her and left the apartment.
"He's gonna blow!" Pesti-chan exclaimed. "Run for your super deformed life!"
"A surfboard! A surfboard!" Chaos shrieked.
Seconds alter a geyser of water erupted from the tub, the tidal wave breaking through the shoji panel and carrying three hapless and frantic, SD fanboys into the living room. Well now the entire living room was soaking wet. On the other hand, those unsightly blue goo stains were washed out instantly!
"Note to self," Chaos sputtered. "Never ever have Ami stop over whilst Mayhem's having his bath."
"I second that," Pesti-chan coughed.
Mayhem picked himself. "You know," he sighed wistfully. "Aside from the rather painful spontaneous combustions, it's not really all that bad being a fanboy."
Chaos & Pesti-chan groaned. "Baka."
All three fanboys turned towards the balcony as a thoroughly battered and bedraggled Hentai-sama painfully clamoured over the railing. "Curse you...Chaos," Havoc snarled, still gasping for air. "That resulted in me...losing all my hard-earned panty collection...I lost everything...all because of you!"
"Shimatta," Mayhem remarked. "He looks fully pissed off. Ne, Chaos, you don't think he'll...?"
Chaos' eyes widened in terror. "M-masaka!"
Havoc slowly stood up, eyes narrowing at the three fanboys. "My...hard-earned happiness...gone in one single...stroke. Thus I shall invoke my ultimate smiting technique."
Chaos and Mayhem's eyes bugged out in absolute terror, the two SD fanboys quivering in fear. "Kowai!!" the chorused.
"What is it?" Pesti-chan asked.
Mayhem slowly backed out of the living room. "The real terror behind the HentaiCon 98 tentacle disaster was not the naughty tentacled mascot running amok. That was just a cover for the fact that Havoc used his ultimate attack at the Con!"
An evil gleam appeared in Havoc's eyes. "Well, it was the vendor's fault for selling me a signed limited edition La Blue Girl box set and not telling me it was dubbed." Havoc raised his hands into the air, an enormous hentai battle aura erupting all around him. "Now, prepare to face the ultimate wrath of Hentenno-sama!!"
And SD Chaos and Mayhem looked at each other. "Run away! Run away!" they exclaimed, grappling onto Pesti-chan and making a mad dash for the front door of the apartment.
Havoc's attack was reaching critical mass, an enormous ball of light appearing in his outstretched palms. By this time Chaos & Mayhem were right out the door (Chaos trying to first go straight through the door!). Suddenly Havoc's hentai battle aura erupted.

Pesti-chan's eyes bugged out. "What in the hell...?"
Chaos and Mayhem freaked, yanking Pesti-chan into the hall and slamming the apartment door behind them. It buckled and then exploded, the battle aura of Havoc's ultimate technique smashing into the hallway and carrying three shrieking fanboys along for the ride. Not much else happened. A few minutes in passing found a weary trio of fanboys slowly picking themselves up from a heap of debris on the hallway floor.
Pesti-chan coughed, dusting himself off. "Na ni? We haven't been viciously smited a la Anarchy, and I didn't Zoantropy when he blasted us. What kind of attack was that?"
Chaos groaned, looking at the hentai battle aura of Havoc's slowly fade from his body. "That's it! Tonight I sleep with a chainsaw!"
"Only one?" Mayhem asked.

* * *

Well, as if reliving some kind of hentai horrorfic, our three fanboys headed to their respective bedrooms for the night. Pesti-chan took into his bedroom questions about Havoc's attack that the other fanboys were not about to answer out of sheer terror. Chaos and Mayhem, on the other hand, took into their bedrooms a large set of smiting mallets and umbrellas.
Pesti-chan settled down into a comfortable sleep. However, later that night or perhaps earlier in the morning (Rampage having once again eaten all the clocks in the apartment) he was awakened by a strange clicking noise. The young underlord in training looked up to see the strangest sight ever: a bra was leisurely flying around over his head, making little growling noises every so often.
Pesti-chan grinned. "Hey, now this is cool! I've never had a bra floating around in my dreams before. What would Freud say?"
[Fanboy's Note: Freud would say "Ecchi!", and then blame your mother for it.]
Pesti-chan reached out to touch his dream, and the dream promptly tried to rip off his hand. "Yeow-zah!" he exclaimed, recoiling. "That damned thing almost bite me!" An SD Pesti-chan's eyes bugged out. "Na ni? This isn't a dream! That bra's alive!"
The bra snapped, and made a dive bomb at Pesti-chan. The underlord in training sprang off the bed as the bra tore through his sheets and pillow.
"It couldn't have been the okonomiyaki. It might have been that bean burrito, or the kappa-maki," he muttered, racing for his shoji screen. Pesti-chan abruptly stopped as another vicious boostier tore through the paper screen, its straps working to peel back the panels. It hissed upon seeing him in its large D-cuplike eyes.
"Whatever you are, you're not gonna erase my character from the fanfic like this!" he exclaimed, summoning his smiting mallet. "Prepare to meet thy smiting doom!"
The two bras charged through the air. And in an impressive display of Hong Kong martial arts action, Pesti-chan performed a set of nearly impossible to see movements that found both bras tied into a bow and stuffed into garbage can that was booted out his window.
"And who says John Woo doesn't teach us anything?" he said with a smirk, throwing open his shoji screen. His eyes bugged out as he saw the entire apartment swarming with the living bras, and in the middle of them Chaos and Mayhem trying to swat down the boostiers.
"Nice to see you finally show up," Mayhem dryly remarked.
"I had some incriminating evidence in my room to take care of first," Pesti-chan retorted. "Now could you please tell me what the hell's going on? It's like the night of the living bras here!"
Chaos popped open his umbrella to act as a shield. It failed miserably as the bras tore right through it. "It's the power of Havoc's Hiryu Shoten Bra attack! Havoc directs all his hentai battle aura onto his victim, and the vengeance of any bra in the area comes to life to seek out those who absorbed the aura."
Chaos lobbed another umbrella at the carnivorous cups, followed by a book, a table, a couch, Mayhem, and finally a herd of cows. "Ha! Take that!" he exclaimed triumphantly. His eyes bugged out as the bras wrapped themselves around his falling cows, the now bra-clad bovines turning and dive-bombing Chaos.
Chaos: [frantic SD mode!] "KYAAAAAA!!!! I'm being attacked by cows in C-cups!! Tasukete!!"
Mayhem: "Now that is udderly ridiculous."
Pesti: "Mayhem!"
Mayhem: "Well, it had to be said by somebody. Better to have been said by me."
Suddenly the front door of the apartment exploded, the flaming wreckage scattering across the living room and taking out a few living bras in the process. "Okay, I'm here," Anarchy said, stepping into the fanfic once more. "Now let's get this damned Senshi Striptease outta the way so I can party with Tasuki, and what the [beep!] is this?!"
Anarchy's arm shot out, grappling onto a living bra as it dove towards her, shrieking and snapping its cups together while its straps flailed thrashing about.
Tasuki's eyes widened as he ducked a hissing bra, pulling out his halissen and torching an entire wave of the living undergarments. "What the hell kinda monster is this?!"
Anarchy turned to Chaos. "What is this, Chaos?" she exclaimed. "You thought we didn't had enough of a challenge with the Yggdrasil bugs and decided to have Havoc invoke his Hiryu Shoten Bra?!"
"It wasn't like I planned this!!" Chaos protested, ducking the now boostiered flying bovines. Suddenly an enormous ball of fire erupted, torching the bras and Chaos in the process. Two big white fanboy eyes stared out in surprise as Chaos was swept up in a Lekka Shien attack.
"Ha, these bras ain't so tough," Tasuki scoffed.
"Do you mind?!" a smouldering Chaos exclaimed.
"No," Tasuki replied. "Do you?"
Mayhem dove into the two of them, bringing them onto the floor as another legion of living bras did a flyby. He adjusted his glasses. "This is like Havoc doing Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. We need to find a counterattack to take everything out in one shot!"
Anarchy's chest began to jiggle with a life its own, her sweater starting to ripple. "Oh no, you don't!" she snapped, wrestling with her own bra. "I am not giving up my lacy black one for one of Havoc's stupid hentai attacks!"
"There's too many of them!" Pesti-chan said, creating numerous holes in the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and Chaos as he smashed more bras with a set of mallets o' Mass Destruction.
The entire swarm of killer bras regrouped, turning into an enormous pulsating ball o' braziers complete with large thrashing straps and snapping cups.
Tasuki took a step back. "Na ni?!"
Everyone braced themselves as with a hideous shriek the ball of living bras charged, rolling towards them. And then came the all too familiar interjecting chirp:
Chaos, Mayhem and Pesti-chan slowly dared to open their eyes, and to their utter shock found the apartment to be completely bra-free. And there on the floor, all rotund and content was Rampage.
"CHU CHU!" the kawaii li'l carnivorous, SD Godzilla-thingy squeaked happily before letting out a burp that caused the entire apartment to rumble.
Pesti-chan sighed, shaking his head. "Shimatta, Havoc has the power to do that? I almost thought we weren't going to make it; there was just so many of them."
Anarchy grimaced. "Don't get your hopes up, Pesti-chan. I've heard about the horror stories of Hiryu Shoten Bra. The attack we had was probably just from the ones in this building alone.
Everyone slowly turned around as a loud series of tappings on the balcony's sliding door. On the other side of the glass, the entire sky was covered in a legion of snapping, very irate ladies' bras.
"Na ni?!" Tasuki exclaimed, waving his finger at the sight.
Pesti-chan stepped away from the siding door. "And just what is that?!"
Mayhem sighed, picking up a pan-dimensional mallet of his own. "That, Pesti-chan, is the second wave."
[Fanboy's Note: wouldn't it just be cruel to cut away from the kick-ass (or kick-bra) battle of the Fanboys?]

* * *

It was a bright and sunny morning that greeted the students of Jyuban High as they started into the buildings for their first period classes.
[Fanboy's Note: work with me here, people! Work with me!]
The female population of the school--not to mention the entire city of Tokyo--were still celebrating the capture and subsequent smiting of the elusive panty thief. Yes, everyone was happy and thrilled to be alive today. Everyone who had at least a half decent sleep the night before, anyways.
A groggy and bedraggled gang of fanboys slowly walked through the front courtyard of Jyuban. Chaos, Mayhem, Pesti-chan and Anarchy were all exhausted. Tasuki had crashed back at Tokyo City Hall, and Rampage was still busy digesting her late-night snacks...all twenty-five thousand of them.
"Shimatta, I never want to go through that again!" Pesti-chan groaned, massaging his sore neck.
"You've got an Evangelion's 0.000000001% chance of that happening," Mayhem sighed, adjusting his glasses. "Havoc's attack is designed to strike at night. Once anyone who owns a bra falls asleep after sunset and...well, you get the picture."
Pesti-chan shook his head. "No good can come of this tonight. We've got to find a way to reverse this hentai battle aura we've absorbed! We're in deep shit enough as it is with these Yggdrasil bugs in our fanfic!"
"I for one want to 'thank' Havoc for last night," Anarchy growled. "Look, I've gotta go. I'll find you guys in your classroom at lunch, and we can plan what to do about this."
"Hai hai," Mayhem said, nodding to her as she parted company. "You know, Chaos, sometime during the fifteenth wave of living bras I was thinking about what you said under the Yggdrasil bug's influence and I must admit I agree."
"About what?" Chaos asked, glancing back at Mayhem. However in typical form Chaos did not look where he was going and bounced right into someone. "Oh, gomen nasai," he mumbled, stifling a yawn.
Chaos froze as he first look up at Minako and then looked down into Minako's blouse, his eyebrow suddenly twitching as he saw a fraction her bra underneath. "B-b-b-b-b!!" he stammered, numerous sweatdrops enveloping his head.
"Oh great," Pesti-chan sighed. "Here we go again."
"KYAAAA!!!" he screamed, frantically running away. "IT'S GONNA EAT ME!!!"
Mayhem rolled his eyes as Chaos smashed right into a tree. "There goes acting nonchalant...although that's normal for Chaos so we just might get away with it after all."
"We're all a little high-strung," Pesti-chan said. "Let's just try to get to class and keep calm. I'm sure the author intends for this to all be worked out in the end."
* * *

However, nonchalance is not a word the author here works with. Well in order to get the story back to its original "strip the Senshi nekkid" premise, we must do a rapid set of jump cuts to summarise the morning!
The entire morning, our three fanboy heroes went absolutely nuts whenever they saw a set of breasts (and what's covering them). For some reason, every girl in the classroom seemed to give them brazier glimpses that gave even the usually-composed Mayhem and Pesti-chan a twitching frenzy. Chaos, on the other hand, usually screamed and flung himself out the window...which in itself was impressive considering this was on the second floor of the high school.
And this in itself was impressive considering how many ladies all over the city were discovering there was a sudden shortage of bras in their underwear drawers. As a result, Gainax Bounce was loose everywhere. But we're not going to get into that right now, are we?
Thinking that they were going through some bra-fetish craze, Mako-chan promptly pounded Chaos when, in between classes, she hiccuped and he ripped out her bra from under her uniform because he naturally assumed it was attacking him, and freaked.
Pesti: "I'll get the ice."
Mayhem: "I'll get the popcorn."
[Chaos frantically points to Mako-chan's bra.]
Chaos: "It moved! Really, I swear it did!"
Makoto: "DUO NO HENTAI!!"
[Chaos is punched right through the next floor of the school and through the ceiling!]
Anyhoo, moving right along the lunch bell sounded, and our three fanboys wearily made their way to a secluded spot outside to eat.
"How was your morning?" Anarchy asked Mayhem and Pesti-chan. She glanced over at a thoroughly bruised and bandaged Chaos. "I think I can guess how my brother's went."
"We're all nervous wrecks," Mayhem sighed, opening up his bento box. "It's like there's a conspiracy to give all of us bra flashes so we panic thinking it's a living bra coming after us."
[Everyone pauses, and slowly stares out at the readers.]
"Ne, Chaos?" Pesti-chan asked, nudging the overlord. "Isn't that Havoc there?"
The gang turned back to see a twitching, wide-eyed fanboy all curled up in a corner of the school. And sure enough, it was Lord Havoc. "P-P-P-Pretty girls...!" Havoc babbled, still twitching and spasming. "Panties for Havoc?"
Pesti-chan's eyes widened. "What the hell happened to him?"
Anarchy grinned. "That's why you don't see Havoc use Hiryu Shoten Bra all too much."
"The incredible power he uses to invoke it leaves his own hentai prowess at its lowest levels," Mayhem said. "Without his hentai strength to back him up, he can't steal and panties."
Pesti-chan glanced over at his sweatdrop. "You mean, he's going through withdrawal symptoms?"
Chaos nodded. "Hai. And as pathetic as it is to watch him like this, I'm rather relieved that now I can see if my Mako-chan has a tattoo without him interrupting."
"*YOUR* Mako-chan?!" the oversized head of Pesti-chan exclaimed. "Hey, you've seen her nekkid already, Chaos you pervert!"
Chaos pulled out his umbrella. "You want to debate that? You're just an underlord in training, Pesti-chan!"
Pesti-chan grappled onto a mallet o' Mass Destruction. "Like my Mako-chan will want to get nekkid for you after you ripped out her bra this morning!"
Anarchy rolled her eyes. "This is getting us nowhere," she muttered, snapping her fingers. Moments later Chaos and Pesti-chan were flung into the wall with an AT Field.
"Ow," they chorused, falling out from their perfectly moulded imprints in the school.
"Let's just calm down for a moment," Mayhem said. "We still have to figure out if it's Hotaru or Makoto who holds the last tattoo, while finding out what Setsuna's is. We have to somehow forget that tonight when the sun sets, millions of evil, killer, living bras are going to come after us."
Chaos' eyebrow twitched. "That's supposed to make me forget?!"
"Wait a minute!" Pesti-chan cut in, pulling out a set of papers. "What the hell is wrong with this fanfic? According to these Hitoshi Doi Coles Notes, Hotaru was reverted into a baby at the end of Sailor Moon S, and only became a twelve year-old girl at the start of Sailorstars. But this fanfic's in Super S!"
"Well, it's not exactly like it's a good thing to strip a baby Hotaru naked to see if she has a tattoo," Mayhem said. "Let's face it: we could get serious flamemail for that."
"And we're *not* going to get flamemail for doing this to Hotaru when she's a twelve-year old?" Pesti-chan asked.
"Not to mention we'd be forced to probably change baby Hotaru's smelly diapers too," Chaos added, grimacing. He would have made a face, but of course there was no clay around for him to make a face with. And then there's still the question of whose face he would make had he had the clay to make a face with.
But that's not really important to the plot, is it?
"There has to be a reason for Hotaru being twelve years old when it goes against the flow of the Sailor Moon Anime," Mayhem replied. "Either the author's getting sloppy--"
"Really sloppy," Chaos agreed.
"Or else," Mayhem added. "for reasons unknown this fanfic series started us out in Super S and is now beginning to alter the season into Sailorstars one piece at a time."
All: o.O
Pesti: "Suddenly I'm really regretting having taken these Hitoshi Doi Coles notes."
Chaos: "Oh this is just [beep!]ing ducky! Now we're probably gonna get a bunch of Sailor Senshi trying to rip my Star Seed outta my forehead!"
Mayhem: "But it's normal for you to get wasted by some Mass Destruction technique, Chaos. Our readers would be disappointed if you didn't."
Chaos: [whining!] "But it hurts so muuuuuuuuch!!"
Anarchy: [Stuart Smiley imitation] "Calm down Chaos. Now just repeat after me: I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darnit, people smite me."
Chaos: "Okay okay, I'm calm. I'm calm! Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darnit, people--hey!"
"Can't we use the instant fanfic again to solve this problem?" Chaos asked.
"Rampage ate our only copy of the F5! instant fanfic,' Pesti-chan replied. "Besides, we have only one instant fanfic allowed per series. That way we don't try to scam the author later on."
"Talk about your God-complexes this author has," Mayhem sighed.
Chaos facevaulted. "We're doomed! My super deformed life is flashing before my eyes!! We need some divine intervention from the author!"
"Ohayo, odango-kun," came a familiar voice around the corner. All the fanboys went into instant, bug-eyed SD mode.
"Haruka?!" Chaos exclaimed, suddenly filled with renewed hope for the Fanboys! series and leaping towards the source of the voice. Unfortunately he forgot to look where he was going and leaped right into a tree. And thus the lesson o' the day for this fanfic is: look both ways before flinging yourself anywhere. That, and never rip Mako-chan's bra out from beneath her blouse while she's still wearing it, but that's just common sense, ne?
Moving right along, the group all peeked around the corner, one piling atop the next with Anarchy at the top of the stack, and a nearly squashed Chaos on the bottom. The group of four watched as Haruka, Michiru and Beans were laughing and talking with Usagi.
"Beans again!" Chaos hissed. "I don't remember her having this many cameos in our fanfic! How dare the author do this!"
"This is still the result of the Yggdrasil bugs merging our fanfics together, you idiot," Anarchy hissed.
"Did you want to join us at the Crown after school for some chocolate patties and milkshakes?" Usagi asked excitedly. "Ne? Ne? Ne?"
Beans smiled, a little overwhelmed. "Lively, isn't she?" she remarked in English to Michiru.
Haruka laughed. "Gomen ne, Usagi-chan, but Michiru and I are taking Beans, Setsuna and Hotaru-chan to the waterpark for the afternoon. You're welcome to join us if you want."
"Really?!" Usagi squeaked.
"What about their classes, Ruka-chan?" Michiru inquired.
Usagi facevaulted.
"Hai hai," Haruka sighed. "Well, maybe you and your kawaii little friends can meet us after school."
The fanboys looked at each other and nodded, ducking back around the school. Beans glanced at the corner they had been at, frowning.
"What is it?" Haruka asked.
Beans shrugged. "I'm not sure. Just a weird feeling like I was being watched." She sighed, staring up at the cloudy skies above. "Can't be as bad as last night was, though."
Michiru gave an enigmatic smile. "And here you thought this was going to be a quiet vacation in Tokyo, ne?"
[To Be Concluded in Fanboys 5!, Part IV!!!!]

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