Chaos: "Excuse me, but this is a what? We're not even finished F5! and we're starring in an Omake Theater! You don't think the Yggdrasil bugs have spread to this part of the fanfic too?"
Pesti: "Apparently this is just an extra Omake Theater thrown in by the author."
Mayhem: "Seems somewhat appropriate given that the F5! miniseries could be, by its own right, F5! and F6!"
[Lines pass...not much else happens]
Pesti: "So...this is the Omake Theatre Extra. Anyone know what we could do?"
Mayhem: "Skin Mokona and make bunny slippers out of her? Him? It?"
Chaos: "I like, I like!"
[Cue the fanmail!]
Chaos: "Hey, will ya look at that! We've got another E-mail about the Curse of the Fanboys!!! fanfic series!"
Pesti: "With your luck it'll be a Mokona or Chibiusa doll."
Chaos: [growl!] "Don't you *ever* joke about that, Pesti-chan, lest I send you to the hell of the one thousand cackling Naga clones!!"
Mayhem: "Yare yare, that's bad Chaos, but no fanboy deserves such a vicious fate."
[Cue Havoc bounding across the Omake Extra with Ami-chan's panties!]
Havoc: "Hotcha! Sailor silkies too!"
Mayhem: [cracking knuckles] "On the other hand, such a vicious fate may be too kind for some fanboys. Ne, Ami-chan, would you mind kissing me?"
Chaos: "Mayhem, you fool, no! If she tries that your faulty dating chromosome will--!"
[Mayhem spontaneously combusts before he can be kissed!]
Pesti: [wince!] "Nevermind. Ne, Chaos, shouldn't we get back to the fanmail?"
>Hello Chaos,
Chaos: "Ohayo!"
If you can't tell by the anonymous emailer, this is your secret admirer!
Chaos: "Yeeeeeees! I've got a secret admirer."
Mayhem: "Another Star Sailor Polaris?"
Chaos: o_O
I love reading about you and the Fanboys, but I love reading about you the most! ^_^ I think that you deserve more respect than what you get from the others. Remember, there's always someone on your side, ME!! -_^
[A super deformed Chaos swoons!]
Chaos: "It's like the pain I've gone through in the past 5 fanfics has been worth it!"
Rampage: ^-^ "CHU CHU!"
Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "Don't you have a mascot to be eating?"
Just so I don't scare you *too* much,
Anarchy: "Too late. You already told us you like Chaos."
Chaos: "Oh, and just where's *your* fanmail, Sis?"
[Chaos is smited with an AT Field!]
Anarchy: "Hush!"
Pesti: [aside to Mayhem] "She was really bothered by that after all!"
Anarchy: "You want an imprint in the wall to match his?"
Pesti: [sincere smile!] "Scroll fanmail!!"
yes I'm a girl and I'm even cute too! I'm about 5'8" with deep green hair and grey eyes. (I'm a distant cousin of Sailor Pluto but I don't really talk to her that much) This will probably be my only email to you because I just want to read your fanfics and watch you from afar...(mind you I'm *not* a stalker). I just wanted you to know that there IS someone out here who *adores* your fanfics and loves you for who you are!
Chaos: "Ah! Kawaii!"
Pesti: "Does this mean you've given up on Mako-chan?"
Chaos: o.O "Um...."
Makoto: "Duo, you little lecher!"
[Mako-chan thrashes a poor SD Chaos!]
Pesti: "Oooooh! And front row seats for the smiting too! Popcorn, Mayhem?"
Mayhem: "Is that Akane Tendo-like jealousy she's venting at Chaos with her fists, or is it just me?"
Pesti: o.O
[Mako-chan pauses and blushes furiously!]
Makoto: "N-N-Na ni?!"
Anarchy: "It's official! She likes him...though I for one can't imagine why."
Pesti: "Noooooo! It is jealousy she feels towards Chaos!"

You're forever in my dreams, Chaos!
Your Secret Admirer

Chaos: "I'd be happy right now if it wasn't for all this pain...!"
p.s. my one dream is for you to mention this email in a fanfic. It'd make me SO HAPPY!! ^_^
Mayhem: "Hmm, and here we are doing an Omake Extra! too. Coincidence? I think not."
Pesti & Makoto: "What?!"
Anarchy: "That's it, I'm leaving! This is getting just too damned sentimental for my tastes! I hate these dumb fufu moments!!"
Mayhem: "Well, it does create a lot of character interest and romantic tension. So long as you guys suffer along with me and my spontaneous combusting, I'm a happy fanboy."
Chaos: [sarcasm!] "Your camaraderie is so awe-inspiring, Mayhem."

Part 4
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