Gundam 0123: Formula 91

Rating: 3 Rampages Formula 91

After Char's rebellion come thirty years of peace and prosperity. Side 4, destroyed during the One Year War, is renamed the Frontier Side and construction of new colonies begins.
At the same time, a new force is preparing to challenge the Federation. Recruited, equipped and trained in secret, the Crossbone Vanguard are an elite private army in the employ of the aristocratic Ronah family. They are dedicated to the Ronah family's "cosmo nobility principle", which holds that humanity should be led by the best, the wisest, the most courageous - not by petty bureaucrats and corrupt politicians. Now they plan to establish a perfect society based on these ideals, and they've chosen the Frontier Side to become their "Cosmo Babylonia." In UC 0123, the Crossbone Vanguard make their move.

The first attempt by Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino to create a new saga, itís a bit of a disappointment after the success of Charís Counterattack. F-91 is still a good feature film, it just really should have been expanded upon with an OVA series. The animation is quite good, the story is nice, but not all that original. The characters could really have used a lot more depth, but all in all, a decent Gundam story. Worth watching at least once for the wicked mechs if nothing else.

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