She came looking to settle a score with some daimon.
           Any daimon.
           EVERY daimon.

           It was a bar full of some of the most dangerous lowlifes ever. Many were milling around the tables, not really doing anything except take the occasional swig of their drink and then glare at whomever happened to be sitting across from them. It was a Deathbuster's town, and here the law was that of the daimon. Dealing in the export of illegal pure hearts, every daimon there in the bar was a veritable terror to be reckoned with.
           Most people avoided the bar.
           Yet today found an alluring young woman walking in through the front door. With long dark hair...and incredibly supple thighs, accented by the fact that her skin was beautifully tanned, she sauntered up to the counter. Dressed in an exotic business uniform of her own design she looked to the bartender and ordered a drink for herself.
           Mimete warily appraised the newcomer before preparing the drink. "Here," she said, setting the glass down on the counter. "But I should warn you; I can't really make good cocktails."
           Setsuna made a face as she tasted her drink. "You're right. This is bad. But to me, it's still the best damned thing in the world I've ever tasted. And I'll tell you why."
           Not really interested, Mimete feigned having to clean out one of the glasses. Most of the other daimons in the bar paid little or no attention at all.
           "I just came from another town," Setsuna explained. "That's my nature; I travel around a lot. So I go to this bar. It's called Mugen, or something like that. Looks good from the outside, at least. I'm just sitting around, minding my own business--I mean, I'm not the type of woman who pries into everyone else's affairs."
           Mimete rolled her eyes.
           "Anyways," Setsuna continued, leisurely stretching her back out. "This Mugen bar was full of some really nasty characters. It's not the place you take the kids to. Yep, I mean the daimons hanging around in the Mugen Bar were real bad-asses--not that you daimons here aren't bad-asses," she added quickly to appease the glares of the present youma. "But I mean these daimons were just so stupid-looking they really deserved what was coming for them."
           By now Setsuna was starting to gain an audience.
           Mimete was paying more attention to the narration than on polishing the glass in her hands. A number of the daimons had ceased doing absolutely nothing and were watching Setsuna continue with her story.
           "I'm just there having a drink; I have no idea what's going on under the counter at this place--and in all honesty, I didn't want to know either. And then in she comes, the most elegant and refined woman on this planet. I kid you not; she was dressed up in some sort of black gown, as if she was going to perform at a concert. In her hands was this violin case--which I assumed had inside of it a violin.
           "She comes walking into the Mugen Bar, and I'm telling you, there was something about her that possessed the entire room. It was as if all the lights dimmed just for her, and this...this chorus of voices started to sing as a bunch of petals drifted through the air. All I could see was the wavy aqua-green hair draped over her shoulders. And her eyes...they burned through the shadows, an exact colour to match her hair.
           "Now I'm a fairly good judge of character, what with all the travelling I've done, and I can tell you that this girl was bad news. No matter how debonair she looked, something nasty was about to go down."
           Setsuna paused to take another drink, but after studying its contents opted to set the glass down on the bar.
           "So," she continued. "This woman marches right up the bartender. And it looks like they're having a fairly heated discussion. Suddenly the girl grabs the bartender by the collar--"
           "She did that to Viluy?" Mimete exclaimed, interrupting the narration. "What a cruel thing! I would have flung Viluy over the bar myself...lousy broad, trying to muscle in on my position."
           She abruptly realized that she had cut into the story, and with a nervous laugh inched backwards and pretended to have something to take care of at the cash register.
           Setsuna resumed her synopsis of the events. "So anyways, she grabs Viluy and then demands to know where she can find someone. It was a name of some kind; I think it was...Pharaoh?"
           Mimete abruptly froze, eyes widening as she dropped the glass onto the floor. All the daimons within earshot looked up from their tables, suddenly very interested in what Setsuna had to say.
           "Hai, that was it," she said, agreeing with herself. She turned to the rest of the bar and stated in a deliberately loud voice, "Pharaoh! That's who she was looking for."
           By now she had the bar's complete and unrequited attention.
           "So she asks where she can find this Pharaoh guy. Well, Viluy's not going to give her anything. So what does this woman do? She suddenly slams her violin case on top of the bar, opens it up, and instead of a violin she's got a bunch of Talismans!"
           All the daimons visibly paled as Setsuna almost launched into a complete mimicry of what happened.
           "This woman was merciless. First she takes this handmirror of hers and starts aiming it at the daimons. Suddenly this beam of white light erupts from the mirror itself, and the first daimon it strikes explodes into a million pieces! And then all hell breaks loose as every last daimon in the bar tries to go after her. By now I'm ready to either hide under the table or make a run for the door. I'm no idiot, and I wasn't about to hang around and get killed. Yet I was paralyzed with fear as I watched her use the handmirror, and then alternate it with bisecting the youma with this huge freakin' sword."
           "And yet you still made it out alive," Mimete remarked suspiciously.
           Setsuna took a hard swig of her drink, regardless of how bad it tasted. "Barely. If it wasn't for the fact that this woman was so preoccupied with some sort of Nascar daimon that shouted "Steering!" and tried to mow her down, I'd be dead right now. She was utterly vicious! Any daimon that tangled with her wound up in pieces or a pile of ash on
the floor.
           "By the time the dust settled, the only ones left there other than this woman were me and the bartender. The woman merely looked around at all the carnage, calmly picked up her violin case, and then without a word headed for the door."
           "So Viluy lived, ne?" Mimete giggled from behind the bar. "See? The Witches Five always make it out alive!"
           Setsuna winced and shook her head. "Noooo...Viluy got it the worst of them all. This woman, she's walking out of the bar when suddenly Viluy leaps over the counter with her Mosaic Buster. So the woman spins around
and I swear without even aiming she flings the Space Sword right at Viluy. Poor witch barely had time to get a look of shock on her face before the sabre's blade slams into her chest, lifts her off the ground and then pins her to the wall behind the bar."

Mimete: o.O;;

           "Well, gotta go," Setsuna said abruptly, standing up. She winked at Mimete before sauntering out of the bar. "Thanks for the drink. But if I were you, I wouldn't stay around here. Rumour has it that El Michirachi woman's coming this way. And after what I saw today, I'm not sticking around for an encore performance."
           Mimete instantly facevaulted.

*           *           *

           A few hours later found the bar still full with its regular and vicious daimons. Mimete was calmly wiping a glass clean when a newcomer strolled in through the front doors. Every last head in the bar turned to watch an elegant young woman approach Mimete.
           Wavy aqua-green hair danced past her shoulders, Michiru appraised the daimons without even a second glance. She stood at the bar, calmly setting her violin case on the counter.
           "I would like to order a drink," she said.
           Mimete's agitated state was rather hard to conceal as the empty glass rattled from her shaky hands. "Why?"
           "This is a bar, ne? Michiru remarked, looking around. "One would expect to find drinks here."
           "What's in the violin case?" Mimete suddenly demanded.
           Michiru looked at her in mild surprise. "Why ask a question like that?"
           "We've heard stories about a scary girl carrying a violin case full of Talismans," Mimete said. "They call her El Michirachi."
           Michiru nodded. "Really? That sounds rather interesting."
           The fact that a number of daimons were slowly closing around her didn't seem to alarm Michiru in the slightest.
           "What's in the violin case?" Mimete asked again.
           Michiru smiled demurely. "My violin," she replied. "Now, about that drink?"
           The empty glass Mimete was holding was placed on the shelf. "No drink until we see what's in the violin case," the Witches 5 member stated.
           A daimon who bore a resemblance to a rather bizarre tree reached out a limb to open the case--regardless of Michiru's consent.
           "I wouldn't do that if I were you," Michiru cautioned the daimon.
           The tree daimon ignored her, and undid the latches. The case was opened to reveal an Aqua Mirror and a Space Sword inside. All the daimon instantly leapt to their feet, the closest ones to Michiru backing away and priming their attacks.
           Michiru rolled her eyes the way a mother might silently scold her child. "Hai hai," she stated, raising her hands as if to already surrender. "I'm the girl. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way--don't flash me your star-covered cleavage yet!" she snapped at one of the daimons. "All I'm looking for is a daimon called Pharaoh!"
           Michiru snapped her arms back, her henshin suddenly flying out from her sleeve and into her hand.
           "But if you want to do it the hard way," she stated, transforming in the blink of an eye.
           What followed was a rather hyperactive firefight as Sailor Neptune grabbed her Talismans and started dispatching of the daimons. Cries of "Lovely!" were echoing across the bar as daimons were slammed into walls,
tables and the bar itself.
           Mimete squeaked in terror and ducked a flying taiko drum daimon as it crashed into the rows of bottles lining the bar's inventory.
           Spinning around, Michiru buried the Space Sword into the face of a charging nekojin daimon. Another two youma tried to jump her from behind, but Michiru adeptly sidestepped them. As they tripped past her, she
unleashed a blast from her Aqua Mirror.
           Within minutes the last daimon was destroyed, its egg cracking apart. That left only two people in the bar.
           Michiru slowly turned her head, her usually pleasant face glaring at the cowering Mimete. One hand holding the Aqua Mirror at shoulder level, Michiru raised her other hand and pointed the blade of the Space Sword at Mimete.
           "All I was looking for," the Senshi stated. "was a daimon called Pharaoh. You had to do it the hard way, and I am most disappointed over it."
           "Wait!" Mimete shrieked, launching into some strange and scary super-deformed version of herself. "Why are doing this?!"
           Michiru scowled. The expression seemed so unlike her. "His daimons killed the woman I loved," she stated coldly. "I'm here to pay him back for that. Now you can either tell me where he is, or else I--"

Desolation: [walking into the bar] "Boy am I parched. I could use a glass of water right about--"

Michiru: [whirling around] "DEEP SUBMERGE!!!"

Desolation: o.O "Eeeep."

Fairy Godbabbit: [with umbrella] "I didn't know those things came in a mega double-tall triple-large size."

           "--will do that," Michiru finished, turning back to the wide-eyed Mimete as Desolation was catapulted from the bar by the relentless geyser of water.

*           *           *

           It didn't take long for Pharaoh to learn about what had happened to his bar and its resident daimons. Enraged that a single woman could threaten his entire smuggling operation, he sent out every last daimon he had to destroy the El Michirachi once and for all.
           Michiru was waiting for them.
           But not alone.
           The end almost in sight, she had decided to call upon some of her former "orchestra" members. Standing at the front of the soon to be opened Marine Cathedral, she waited for the final showdown to begin.
           The sun had set, and only the street lamps and haze from the moon gave light to the battlefield. And then out from the mists emerged another young woman. Her skin was tanned and she had long dark hair that seemed almost emerald in the moonlight. Dressed in a uniform of her own design and carrying a large cello case, Setsuna nodded to Michiru.
           Michiru turned her head in the other direction as another silhouette became visible from the evening fog. A young girl, no older than twelve or thirteen, with raven dark hair down to her shoulders, appeared. Hotaru leisurely swung her oboe case beside herself as she strolled to join the other Outer Senshi.
           "It's good to be back together again," she said, smiling at Michiru.
           "Hai," Michiru answered, her eyes fixated on the road ahead of them. It was the only road that led to the cathedral, and it would be the road that would escort their nemesis. Already she could see the headlights of a car barreling towards them.
           Setsuna studied the advancing legion of daimons. "It seems Pharaoh decided to send someone else to meet us instead of coming himself."
           The distaste in her voice was evident.
           Michiru watched as Eudial, no doubt breaking every speed law in the city, took the lead in the assault with her car. A wicked smile appeared on Michiru's face, and she removed her two Talisman from the violin case.
           "Let's play."
           The war began, and instantly it was clear who was going to win. Daimons scattered in every direction as Michiru suddenly raced into the thick of their ranks, cutting down any of the youma that she could.
           Setsuna gave her cello case a shake, and a small panel at the front opened up. Hidden inside the case, the garnet orb of her time staff powered up. Her magenta eyes closed as she whispered, "Dead Scream."
           Moments later she unleashed a relentless barrage of her energy, the rapid-fire bursts punching holes into any daimon unlucky enough to get in Setsuna's path.
           The air was saturated with the scent of broken daimon eggs, shrieks of "Lovely" disrupting the peace of the night. Yet the Outer Senshi had only just warmed up to the fight.
           With incredible ease and agility, Hotaru swung her oboe case over her head. The case resting on her shoulder. Hotaru braced her body as the blade of her Silence Glaive emerged from a secret panel. The blade lit up as it gathered its power.
           "Silence Glaive Surprise!" she shouted.
           The glaive unleashed an enormous blast of energy that shot across the courtyard. Eudial frantically swerved her car, but was unable to avoid the lethal attack. Hotaru's gaze never wavered as the sky was momentarily lit up by the explosion of Eudial's car.
           With the raging fireball colouring the cathedral courtyard in hues of red, orange and yellow, the three Outer Senshi regrouped to appraise the damage.
           None of the daimons had survived.
           "I was hoping for something a little more challenging," Hotaru pouted, letting her glaive retract into its case.
           "Be careful what you wish for, Hotaru-chan," Setsuna cautioned.
           Michiru stared up at the moon.
           Her voice was ominous and menacing as she spoke.
           "It's time to pay Pharaoh-san a little visit."

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