Fairy Princess Ren

Rating: 4½ Rampages Takuma, looking suave.

Fairy Princess Ren is a story about a guy named Go, a treasure seeker, and a fairy named Ren, who is in search of the "four hearts". While they are off searching, a second fairy has come to kill Ren. Mari (childhood friend of Go) would like to be more than friends with Go if it wasn't for the fact that he keeps leaving her behind to go on adventures, and it seems the Fire Department keep nosing in on the Yumenokata Foundation (Mariís fatherís company)ís business. All this and more adds up to one of the most hilarious anime series around. GATCHABA GOOSE!!!

Konishi the butler, scaring the crap out of Takuma. Review:
Oh my goddess...not since Dragon Half have I laughed this hard. This two part OVA is relentlessly silly, and has way too much fun messing with your brain. The main character is basically Carrot Glaces, only substitute the obsession with women with an obsession for finding treasure. I donít think there was a single scene in this that didnít have me rolling on the floor with laughter. The art is very nice, and incredibly goofy. Story? Who has time to pay attention to the story when you canít breathe because of all the gags? If you are a fan of silly, warped anime and donít mind hurting a great deal from laughing constantly for an hour, pick this one up will not regret it.
Herself the Elf sez: Warning: be prepared to cry after seeing this; as with Dragon Half and SO many other wicked OVAs, the bastards only made 2 EPISODES!!!! Itís sacrilege, I tell you. Not only that, they even taunt you about it at the end!!!! ARRRGH!

Available subbed or dubbed as "Elf Princess Rane" through AnimeWorks.

Fairy Princess Ren