Rating: 3 Rampages Cover for the sub

Meet Dee Laytner and his half Japanese partner, Randy (call me Ryo) McLance, a couple of detectives in New York City's 27th Precinct. Not only does the pair of crime-fighting crusaders chase down criminals, Dee can't stop chasing after Ryo either. Is it just his blond hair and dark eyes that attract him so, or is it something more...
Tired of the daily urban grind, our heroes set off for a vacation in England to relax and enjoy themselves. But if Dee has his way with Ryo...^_~
Their hotel was the perfect secluded little romantic getaway, but when corpses start floating to the top of the lake outside Ryo and Dee's hotel, the ever-vigilant mismatched investigators become involved in the local crime scene. Ryo starts chasing after murder suspects while Dee chases Ryo.
It may not be all tea and crumpets for a couple of tough guys from New York, but this adventure will give them a taste of Britain that they'll not soon forget. Dee's plan for seducing Ryo may have gone awry, but you can be sure he'll stay hot on the trail until he gets his man!

Dee and Ryo get smoochy Review:
Herself the Elf sez: I LOVED this show! Dammit, there just isn't enough yaoi anime out there!
That said, this isn't hardcore by any stretch of the imagination - it's more like a slightly ecchi romantic comedy that happens to involve gay men. Even if you're not into yaoi, Fake is so damn hilarious that you're sure to enjoy it anyways. And for those of you who *are* into yaoi, you MUST snatch this one up ASAP; it's an absolute classic.
I've seen both the sub and the dub. Before you start groaning, the dub was actually quite good. The voice actors occasionally delve into William Shatner-esque territory, but for the most part they're bang=on in characterisation and wonderfully entertaining. At certain points the dub might actually be the funnier of the two.
WARNING! Don't get your hopes up about the ending of this show....it's almost as bad as the ending of Fairy Princess Ren for sheer frustration value. They set it up perfectly to be the first episode of an OVA series, but there's only the one ep. ARGH!

Available subtitled or dubbed by AnimeWorks.