the cast of Fam and Iri

Ruin Explorers: Fam and Iri

fam and Iri...Kawaii!

Rating: 3 Rampages

Fam & Iri - Ruin Explorers is a relatively new and amusing fantasy OVA series which originally started out as manga in 'RPG Magazine' around 2-3 years ago. The creator is Kunihiko Tanaka. The story centers around Iri (written "Ihrlie" by the Japanese) and her magic-using sidekick, Fam as they start their adventure in quest of the "Ultimate Power." Naturally along the course of their journey, they manage to stumble their way through every single death-dealing trap in existence. At first they are also hampered by the pursuit of two rival explorers, Miguel and Rasha, but eventually they are forced to team up to fight against a much stronger and evil foe.

Much like a slightly underplayed version of Slayers, Fam and Iri is nonetheless a great deal of fun to watch. Full of action, slapstick comedy, magic, great art and a wonderful cast of mercenary type characters, itís quite entertaining. Currently only 4 episodes long, it has the makings to be just as much of a ridiculous romp as Slayers, if given half the chance.

Available subtitled or dubbed as "Ruin Explorers" through ADVision.

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