Now, of course when Mayhem heard the screams coming from the hotsprings, the little newt valiantly raced over to save the day. Which would have been impressive considering it was past sunset. But regardless, Mayhem the Jusenkyo newt was ready for action as the shoji screens leading to the outdoor hotspring were thrown open.
And the little newt's eyes bugged out upon seeing a tidal wave of hot water racing up to greet it, Havoc surfing the wave and a female Chaos trying to outswim some kind of crocodile (its twisted owner having named the animal Mr. Turtle) that had suddenly appeared. Seconds later a naked, male Mayhem was sitting on the wood-panelled floor of the changeroom.
Just then Asuka Langley happened to open the hall door. "Kya! There's a pervert in the resort! Nobody gets a free show from Asuka!!"
Mayhem was at the risk of getting very heavily smited until Chaos intervened, grappling onto Mayhem's neck and leaping back into the courtyard. A few rooftop hops later found the two gasping fanboys hiding out in a storage closet in the resort.
"The more subtle approach, ne?" Chaos chuckled, tossing Mayhem a spare set of clothes.
"You're one to talk," Mayhem growled. "Look, how are we going to find Havoc now? He knows we're here, and...Chaos, do you mind?"
Chaos glanced down at his still nude, wet female body. "KYA!! You pervert!" he exclaimed, quickly wrapping a towel around himself.
"Oh, and who decided to take off their kimono?" Mayhem said. "Look, I'm only here on this crazy escapade to stop Havoc because of Ami-chan!"
"True," Chaos agreed resignedly. "Havoc is a master of disaster."
"Damn right!" Havoc piped up, seated next to Chaos. "I'm the one and only Hentai-sama!"
Mayhem and Chaos, eyes now little black balls on their faces, slowly turned to Havoc. And at the risk of stating the obvious, pandemonium ensued.
"Looking for this?' Havoc inquired, playfully swinging the cursed panties of Torajima over their heads. He proceeded to pour cold water on Mayhem, reverting the fanboy back into a newt, and then he gave Chaos' pert little butt a smack.
Whereupon they all got lost in this big cloud of smoke and dust that featured fists and faces appearing all over. The large Ranma 1/2-ish fight smashed through numerous screens and doors, finally exploding back into the hostpring.
All the Inner Senshi girls, now cautiously stepping out from the water to grab their towels, screamed and dove back into the safety of the hotspring as Chaos tried to drive his fist through Havoc's head. Havoc countered by using a bra to bind Chaos' wrists together.
"Mako-chan, my kawaii goddess!" Havoc exclaimed. He suddenly found himself snagged by the bra used against Chaos.
"Don't you touch my Mako-chan," Chaos snarled, booting Havoc into the skies above.
Makoto reached up and grabbed Chaos' long brown hair. "What the? It is you, Duo! Echi!!"
"Duo?!" the girls exclaimed, unable to believe that their strange male friend was now an even stranger female friend. They immediately sank to their necks in the water.
Havoc began his descent, falling towards Ami-chan. "I have a present for you!" he exclaimed happily.
Suddenly a newt threw itself onto Havoc's face. Havoc yelped and toppled into the hotspring not two steps from a quivering Ami-chan.
Out from the steaming waters arose a restored Mayhem. "This is as far as you go, Havoc. Those cursed panties won't be finding themselves on any of these girls."
"Mayhem?!" Rei exclaimed.
"Cursed panties?" Minako asked.
"Do yourself a favor," Mako-chan said, wincing. "No matter how curious you are, don't ask."
Minako smiled. "Hai! After all, only the curious of people try to skin cats!"
[Everyone else facevaults into the water as Minako giggles.]
"It's true after all," Chaos lamented. "She can't say a quote right to save the Earth."
He and Mayhem pounced on Havoc, and another Ranma 1/2-ish battle resulted in more blows, geysers and nude flashes all around. Yet no matter how demented you think we've gotten with this fanfic, nothing can prepare you for what is about to happen!
And when it was done....
Chaos: "What the?! Holy shit! How'd Havoc wind up wearing the cursed panties!"
Mayhem: "Um, I guess somewhere in the midst of the ruckus. Does this means he's going to be part cat now?"
Chaos: "I don't really want to stay around to find out."
Well, lucky for them and extremely lucky for us Havoc was not turned into a cat slave now that he was wearing the cursed panties of Torajima. But in fact, it had sideaffects when worn by a male fanboy. After all, the sun had set.
Havoc turned away from everyone as he became engulfed in a fierce blue light. The girls shielded their eyes and the fanboys shielded them from whatever sight they might behold next. The light died out, and every so slowly Havoc turned around to face the fanboys. But there was something strangely different about him. It could have had to do with the fact that he now had large, cute eyes and eyelashes, a feminine face, and breasts.
Yes, Havoc had now become a girl.
"What the hell is this?!" Chaos exclaimed, recoiling. "Since when did our world suddenly become the Maze OVA?!"
He glanced down as he felt something soft in his grip and groaned as he saw that he had once again latched onto Mako-chan. "Shimatta! Not twice in one fanfic!"
"Will you stop groping me?!" Mako-chan exclaimed, pounding him to be with the stars.
"The Maze OVA?" Mayhem mused. "So then he's an over-sexed guy by day. Um, what is she at night?"
Female Havoc turned to Makoto, and promptly ripped off the DOJI BOY sweater. "Kawaii!" female Havoc exclaimed, leaping at Makoto. Makoto let out a shriek as the female Havoc nestled into her breasts.
"Hey!" came the disembodied voice of Chaos from the skies above. "That's my Mako-chan!"
"Aha!" Mayhem said. "I have it! Hentai guy by day, hentai girl by night. And flirting with Makoto, no less."
Female Havoc leaned forward, lacing her arms around Makoto's neck and closing her eyes as she prepared to kiss Mako-chan. And all Makoto could do was stand there in stunned terror as Havoc's lips drew closer to her own.
Havoc was immediately smited by a massive, armour plated fist that smashed into the hotspring, deliberately missing Makoto. And there, kneeling over the hotspring's resort, was Eva 01.
"Step away from my Mako-chan!!" Pesti-chan's voice boomed.
"Ooooh!" Chaos said, landing back in the water. "He's got the progressive knife out too! He means business!"
And then suddenly Eva 01 ran out of power, going silent.
"What the?" Chaos exclaimed.
"Gomen nasai!" came Pesti-chan's voice. "I accidentally used all my 5-minute reserve power to heat up my popcorn!"
[Cue the all-fanboys facevault!]
"Nerv's going to be pissed about that," Mayhem remarked aside to Chaos.
"Oh, and just what are we supposed to do now with Havoc in this state?!" Chaos hissed. "Knit some Piyu Piyu socks?!"
"I hear Megami Paraside is nice this time of year," Pesti-chan said, the entry plug ejecting. The underlord in training, clad in his blue plug suit jumped down into the hotspring.
Female Havoc slowly emerged from beneath the water's surface, dazed but still grinning as she looked from one girl to the next.
Chaos: "What can we do?"
Havoc: "I call a Doji marathon!"
Chaos: "Are you insane, Havoc?!"
Mayhem: "Sure, state the obvious, Chaos."
Chaos: "URUSAI!!!"
Mayhem: "We do the only thing we can do, Chaos."
Pesti: "What's that?"
Mayhem: "Cue the Fushigi Yuugi closing theme for the cliffhanger!"
Chaos: "NA NI?!"
[Cue the eyecatch!]

F3 - Part 2

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