The Fanboys Quiz

Which Fanboy are you?

1. You are being chased. Looking over your shoulder it's...

An important manga artist who is out for blood.
A horde of women.
An oversexed Sailor Senshi.
Chased? Hell, I'm the one doing the chasing!
All 13 Angels from the Akiocar.
Mokona. You immediately turn around and try to kill it.
A nekkid bishie wanting his clothes back.
Your boss, angrily waving expense reports and requisition forms.
Enraged dentists.
Hundreds of grieving and angry mascot owners.
The chibi-Havoc tsunami.
The Tokyo Liquor Board.

2. At Planet Hentai, you spot an anime hottie at the bar. To pick him/her up, you say:

"I got more knife scars than the number of your leg's hair!"
"Planet Hentai? What the hell am I doing here?"
You don't get the chance to say anything. A Gundam colony crushes you before you can open your mouth.
"Um...hello? Look this way! I'm cute, I'm toned, and I'm over here! Not over there, over here! Argh!!"
“Wanna see my secret ninja techniques?"
“Hotaru?! What are you doing here? You’re not old enough to drink!”
“Your panties are blue.”
“I’ve got front-row seats to tonight’s Jinnai & The Bugrom: Live concert.”
“My Gundam or yours tonight?”.
"My room, in ten minutes. Bring a friend."
"You'd look even cuter with kawaii little pink bows in your hair!".
Nothing, as he’s not doing anything wrong
You're too busy chewing on his/her ankle to say anything...

3. Your bedroom is decorated with:

Pink. Lots of pink. And ruffles.
Women's lingerie.
Sake bottles.
Mecha specs...mecha parts...mecha.
Pictures of your beloved Senshi.
Paperwork. *sigh*
Body parts. Your own, unfortunately...
Inspirational haiku.
Pictures of your manly pecs..

4. When you need to get there in a hurry, you travel:

In a tank, with lots of sake.
In the Akiocar. No, wait! AAAAGH!
By Valkyrie, of course! It's the only way to fly!
On a palanquin carried by six well-oiled bishounen
By EVA...assuming it doesn't decide to go berserk and eat people.
By flexing your muscles on the side of the road, hoping to get picked up by a hot babe.
By a secret martial arts technique. Sorewa himitsu desu, and all that.
In style aboard Air Tokyo.
By being swallowed by something large and unpleasant, then regurgitated at your destination.
By getting smacked across the city.
Aboard Air Ecchi, surrounded by scantily-clad stewardesses.

5. Your favourite pair of underwear is:

Lost in some alternate dimension.
Gundam brand boxers
Hello Kitty brand gym shorts.
Normal. Ordinary. Normal is good....oh, I can dream.
I don't wear underwear.
Stolen silken treasures!
Black leather hot-pants.
On the floor. XD
Happatai brand YATTA! briefs.
A leopard-print thong.
A troditional Japanese loincloth.

Your favourite flavour is:

Roasted BBQ cabbit-kabobs.
Anything and Sake.
Something other than your own internal organs.

7. Your favourite Jpop band/artist is:

Anything from Dance Dance Revolution.
Definitely NOT SMAP.
Ayumi Hamasaki.
Megumi Hayashibara.
Aya Hisakawa.
The Yellow Monkey.
Anything, as long as it's karaoke.
Morning Musume.
I don't really listen to music.

8. Akio Ohtori pulls up in his red Stingray convertible and offers you a ride. You:

Scream and run.
Give him the finger.
Slash the tires on the car and then decapitate him.
Dil Brand the car.
Give him the finger, though after you’ve managed to pull your face out of the Akiocar’s front grill .
Slap him with a huge fine for parking in a school zone every day.
Vehemently refuse…and somehow wind up in the back seat anyways.
Point out his inadequacies and head off to find someone with better ‘man’ qualities.
Smite him. Repeatedly. Then Dragu Slave the ashes just to be absolutely sure.
Eat his tires.
Hop into your Dragon Pink-coloured convertible and leave him choking on your dust.
Happily accept and are never heard from again.

9. Your best subject in school is:

Machine shop.
Home Ec.
Student Council.
Phys Ed.
I can't find the school!
They kicked me out after I ate the desks.
Computer Sciences.
Creative Writing.
I have no interest in school...I have bigger plans.

10. Your catch-phrase is:

"Violating people's so fun!"
“No good can come of this.”
"More Sake!"
"Oooh...a little more to the left."
"It's just so kawaii, ne?"
"I'm going to get fired for this..."
"Most honourable."
"Look at me!"

Please make sure you've answered all the questions!
Code adapted from alanna's quiz tutorial