With all due respect to Gainax...

The Fanboys FAQ

(AKA all the questions NOT to ask Carnage if you don't wanna get smited)

Why aren't you webmastering/reviewing anymore?

'Coz I'm tired of it and am taking a break. Please direct all page-related comments and questions to Sarcasm for the time being.

"I think you should review Show X, coz it's great, and why haven't you yet?"

Contrary to what some people around here may tell you, I *do* have a life and therefore cannot spend all my time watching anime. But rest assured, I plan on watching *everything*. The fact that I've already reviewed some of the worst hentai in existence should prove this. If I haven't yet reviewed a particular anime, it's just because I haven't gotten around to it, or haven't had the opportunity to get my hands on a copy. Be patient, neh?

"Can I write a fanficfic?"

I don't know, can you? But seriously, sure, go ahead. We retain all control as to what gets posted here, but if you want to write one for your own entertainment, we're not stopping you. Before you post on your own anything using Chaos' characters, however, PLEASE ask our permission. If you submit a ficfic to us, please don't send lemons or Pokémon. And please spellcheck first...

"I want to write a fanficfic! Can you give me some advice?"

"I want to be a Fanboy! My name will be Lord (blahblahblah) and my powers are blahblahblah..."

Ok, this requires a bit of explanation. The core Fanboys all live in one region and as such can get together on a regular basis. That's how we *became* the Fanboys. While there are others that have managed to slip past our defenses and become official or peripheral Fanboys without our noticing it (you know who you are ^_^), doing so is more a process of befriending us than just being a fan of the fics and sending us hyperactive emails. Quite frankly, we now have more Fanboys than poor Chaos knows what to do with, to say nothing of our growing legion of fans and hangers-on. Basic guideline is that if you really want to be a Fanboy, be friendly, intelligent, and above all not pushy. Pretty much anybody would be creeped out if a stranger came up and started ranting at them about how they want to have your children and such. o.O; But even better, form your own group of crazy anime fans and do something original!

"Why did you give Show X a bad rating/good rating? You guys don't know anything!"

Why? Coz that's my opinion. Simple as that. Yes, I do my best to be objective and fair in my assessment of shows, but when it comes down to it if I just didn't like something that will be reflected in my review. So you have a differing opinion, great. That doesn't mean that everybody who disagrees with you deserves to be harassed and called names. We're all different, it's a small world after all, lalalalala. Start your own review page and tell the world. That's what I did...

"How come the Rampage rating doesn't seem to match the written review sometimes? "

I already answered this question a long time ago, in "Why does Doji get 4 stars?". Go read it.

"I'm a huge fan and I've seen lots of anime! Can I help you with reviews?"

Thanks for the offer, but no. This is a Fanboys site, and all the reviews are my opinion (or the occasional review by Sarcasm or another Fanboy). While there are reviews sites where they take submissions, this ain't one of them. I prefer to keep it all from a fairly consistent viewpoint.

Can you send me (insert song name here)?

No. Please don't ask me to email mp3s; they're 4-6 megs on average. If I get enough requests, I MIGHT repost a certain song.

How can I meet you people?

We're at Anime North every year, and usually CNAnime too (although it sucks). We're also regulars at the Toronto clubs AnimeXtreme and UR Anime.

"Whatever happened to the metric system?"

It got eaten by that freaky cat from Chu-Chu Rocket. No, really.