[Godzilla pauses as suddenly a fanboy in black lands on his snout. The oversized atomic lizard ponders this unexpected turn of events.]
Godzilla: [deep throaty growl] "Rowr?"
C: [kawaii kitty ear mode!] "Um...kon'nichi wa?"
[Jupiter gives a startled shriek as yet another fanboy dressed in black lands right in her arms!]
P: [fondly embracing her!] "Arigato, Mako-chan!
Godzilla: [who the hell are you?!] "ROOOOOOOOOWWWWWRRRRR!!!!!!"
[Another Fanboy in black lands neatly on the battered streets of Tokyo thanks to a deployed parachute.]
M: "We'll take it from here, Jupiter. You can let us wrap up this fanfic."
Jupiter: "Na ni?"
Michles: [drawing his gun!] "Who the hell are you guys?"
M: "Is this him?"
P: "Ah, yes. Your name, soldier, according to the fanfic is Michles, ne?"
Michles: "H-Hai. How did you know that?"
C: [still on Godzilla's snout!] "MAYHEM, WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?!?!"
M: "Baka! We're FiB agents here, so our identities have been erased from the people of this fanfic. I'm agent M, and you're Agent C, remember?!"
Jupiter: "How did you get here?"
C: "Um, guys...Godzilla's getting kinda temperamental here!"
[Agent C proceeds to start smacking Godzilla's snout silly with a Noisy Herring!]
C: "Back! Back, I say! Hey M, I could use a little help up here!"
Godzilla: [oh yeah...he's pissed off now!] "ROOOOOOOOOWWWWWRRRRR!!!!!!"
[Godzilla unleashes more of his fiery atomic breath!]
C: "KYAAAAA!!! It's setting my suit on fire! Oh, I just knew I should have done this MSTfic in a skirt!!"
Jupiter and Michles: o.O
P: "......"
Jupiter: "That's it! I don't know what kind of freaky weirdos are, but this is my fight! SUPREME THUNDER!!!"
[Sailor Jupiter unleashes her attack upon Godzilla...and winds up smiting Agent P in the process.]
P: [evil grin!] "I may not be very strong or know how to fight, but there is one little trick I know. When I get struck with magic, I become a little...dangerous."
[Agent P Zoantropies!]
Jupiter: "M-Masaka! Another one?!"
[Zoantropy monster roars, and then goes buy-eyed upon seeing it only reaches up to Godzilla's knee caps.]
Godzilla: [impatiently tapping its claws on a neighboring building] "ROWR...?!"
C: "Um, we're gonna need a bigger monster, M!!"
M: [eye roll!] "Good otaku are so hard to find these days."
[M grabs Jupiter's wrist and pulled her closer.]
M: "No offense, Makoto. I'd rather this be with my Ami-chan but under the circumstances--!"
[M kisses a very wide-eyed and stunned Makoto!]
C: [oversized demonic head form!] "M, YOU BASTARD!!!!"
[Cue the transformation of Dark Schneider!]
Dark Schneider: "MWAH HAH HA HAH!!! I'M BACK AGAIN!!!"
Godzilla: [Hey! I'm the star here, dammit!] "ROOOOOOOOOWWWWWRRRRR!!!!!!"
Jupiter: "Sugoi!"
Michles: "What is going on?"
Godzilla: [you wanna piece of me?!] ""ROOOOOOOOOWWWWWRRRRR!!!!!!"
C: [clinging to the snout for dear life!] "KYAAAAA!!!! TASUKETEEEEE!!!"
[A Zoantropied Agent P seeks shelter!]
Dark Schneider: [grin!] "Oh, like that dumbass roar's gonna scare me."
[Cue the rousing Gekiganger 3 opening theme music!]
Dark Schneider: "HALLOWEEN!!!!!"
[Cue the special effects display that shreds Tokyo before blasting Godzilla!]
C: "It's a good thing I'm wearing my sunglasses and clean underwear!!"
[As the fires and smoke and falling debris comes to an end we see a hurt Godzilla goes Bambi-eyed and rubs his tender snout.]
Godzilla: [whimpering] "Rowr."
Dark Schneider: "Dumbass monster. I can't believe you managed to spawn off so many movies anyways!"
Godzilla: [I'm doing the best I can!] "ROWR!!"
C: [smouldering SD form that faceplants onto the street!] "KYAAAA!!!"
Dark Schneider: [grabbing hold of Jupiter] "And now for my reward!"
Jupiter & Dark: KISS!!
M: "Now that wasn't so hard to do, was it?
C: [groan!] "If my little fanboy body wasn't so broken here, I'd severely smack you silly with my Noisy Herring for kissing my Mako-chan twice."
Zoantropy: [*WHOSE* Mako-chan?!] "ROOOOOWWWWRRR!!"
C: o.O "Uh-oh...."
M: [handing whip to C] "And remember, he has to call you The Queen."
C: [eyebrow twitch!] "Shin'ne."
Michles: "Would somebody mind telling me what the hell's going on here?! Who are you people?!"
Zoantrophy: "KYAAA!!!! JO'O-SAMA JO'O-SAMA JO'O-SAMA JO'O-SAMA!!!!!!"
[M produces the Anime Neuralizer.]
M: "Certainly. As you no doubt have gathered, we're not originally from this fanfic. Now this little device I have here is called an Anime Neuralizer. It's a gift from some friends of ours."
P: "Didn't they also give us the remote control of the gods?"
M: "Hai, but that's really beside the point, P. Anyways, what this Neuralizer does is isolate and erase certain synaptic functions in your brain, specifically the parts related to memory."
C: "Ne, M, when can I have my own little flashy, memory messer-upper thingy?"
M: "When you stop super deforming."
C: [SD temper tantrum mode!] "WAH!! Not fair not fair not fair not fair!!!"
[Cue the sweatdrops!]
Godzilla, Jupiter & Michles: "......"
P: "Yare yare. He does this every MSTfic."
M: [pointing the Anime Neuralizer at C.] "Baka."
C: [stunned with big swirly lines for eyes!] "Ooooh! That was kinda cool!!"
[C grabs the neuralizer from M, and starts flashing the neuralizer at himself!]
C: "Sugoi!"
C: "Sugoi sugoi!"
C: "Sugoi su-aya. I'm getting kinda woozy here."
P: "Give me thaaaaaaaat!"
M: "Thank you, P. Now if all of you will look over here, all your answers will be explained. Yes, you can bend down too, Godzilla."
Godzilla: [curious!] "Rowr?"
P: "Yo, C, get your shades on!"
C: "Hai!"
[The FiB put on their Ray Ban shades!]
Michles: "Who are you...really?"
M: "Really? We are just a figment of your author's imagination."
M: "Damn, what a gullible bunch of characters."
Michles: [nursing a headache] "What in the..?"
M: [scolding them!] "I'm serious, you all are lucky to be alive after what Anarchy did!"
Jupiter: "Who?"
Godzilla: [what in the...?] "Rowr?"
P: "Her AT Field, genius! She nearly wiped you off the face of the earth!"
C: [aside to P] "Not that we'd be mourning that any."
M: "Next time you three should really should think twice before pissing Anarchy off like that. I mean when she insists you sing karaoke with her, you had better sing karaoke with her. Now I want you--!"
[M points to Godzilla!]
Godzilla: [Me?] "Rowr?"
M: "Yes, you! I want you to take a vacation, maybe try New York for a change of scenery and things to smite. Get yourself a whole new makeover job for the nineties and just remember that size does matter after all."
P: [aside to C] "Of course, plot matters too."
C: "Flashman didn't seem to care too much for it in this fanfic either."
Godzilla: [Hai!] "ROWR!!!"
[Godzilla tromps off into the ocean and leaves the fic!]
M: "And as for you, Michles...!"
C: "For the crime of copping a feel on my Mako-chan--!"
P: "*WHOSE* Mako-chan?!"
C: "-you must shave your hair and become a celibate monk living in the distant mountains!!"
Michles: "Hai...a celibate monk...distant mountains...."
M: "And learn to spell your name right too, dammit!"
Michles: "Hai!"
[Michles leave the fic!]
M: "Well, that just leaves Makoto."
[Jupiter warmly throws herself into C's arms.]
Jupiter: "Oh, C-chan!"
P: o.O
M: "Now there's something you don't see every fanfic!"
Jupiter: [kiss kiss!] "Thank you for helping me today! What ever can I do for you?"
C: [dumb grin!] "Um, well you could not destroy that Yggdrasil bug in the corner over there."
P: [pulling out pan-dimensional mallet] "Oh, you mean this one?!"
Jupiter: "Hm? Na ni?"
C: "Mako-chan!"
[Jupiter's eyes widen upon realizing that C is happily groping her once more!]
Jupiter: "SHIN'NE!!!!!"
[Jupiter punches C right into the ocean after Godzilla!]
M: "Interesting. It appears that not all of the Yggdrasil bugs were destroyed in F5! after all."
P: "As for you, Makoto, you shall keep on being Sailor Jupiter and forget that this fanfic ever existed. Instead go for a cameo in one chapter of Beans' College Life fanfics."
Jupiter: "Ah, that sounds good! I can visit Haruka-san and Michiru-san!"
M: "Oh, and important note here, Makoto: on the plane ride there and back, you will not have a deathly fear of flying. I repeat: you will not be afraid of flying in an airplane to visit Haruka and Michiru at college."
Jupiter: "Hai. There's no need to be scared about airplanes."
P: "Unless it turns out to be another Con Anime transport plane. C, I'm looking in your general direction up in the sky here."
[C crashes back into the MSTfic!]
C: "Itaiiii!!"
M: "We had better be going before the authorities arrive. "
P: "Hai hai. Come on, C. I'll peel you off the cement."
Jupiter: "Wait! Who...who are you?"
M: "No one of consequence, we can assure you."
[The FiB start to walk away.]
Jupiter: [waving!] "Sayonara!! I'll be sure to look Beans up in North America!!"
C: "You know, I think I left my Noisy Herring back with Godzilla."
M: [sigh!] "Not again! C, if you keep losing those we're going to have to give you a different weapon!"
C: "Yes! CiBs!!!! Falling cows of Mass Destruction at last!"
M: "I was thinking something more along the lines of a Chinese finger trap."
C: [sulking!] "......"
P: "So, should we end the MSTfic here?"
M: "Hai!"
^-^ Tee hee.
I wonder if this might be the start of another revolution in MSTings.
Either way, yes this author has read the Megane 6.7 gang's MST of this particular fanfic (and nearly died laughing, which would have been a bad thing because there would be no more Fanboys!). I acknowledge that they hold first dibs on this as MST material. However I doubt that they've managed to steal my own MST thunder because, let's face it! This ain't no normal MST here. This was, is, and forever shall be the work of the FiBs.
[Author puts on his Ray ban shades on, and pulls out his Anime Neuralizer]
Oh, and just one more thing I forgot to mention.
You never saw this MSTfic before.

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