Final Fantasy

Rating: 3 Rampages cover for the video

Planet R's beautiful existence is maintained by four magical Crystals, each controls a different essentail element: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. Long ago, ominous Dark Forces stole the Crystals and threatened to destroy the Planet. But, the valiant heroes fought desperately, defeated the dark forces and returned the planet to its peaceful state.

Two hundred years later, the great fight has been long forgotten and again, three of the Four Crystals have been stolen by the ancient evil. The young descendants of the ancient heroes, Linaly and Prettz, are all that remain to protect the Crystal of Wind from the evil forces. but first, they must get past Rouge, the leader of a leather bound army of female Pirates, who wants to add the fourth crystal to her personal collection of treasures. If the two can manage to escape her nasty clutches, they must still pass through the many dangerous obstacles that protect the magical crystal. Only the chosen one will survive the passage.

Oh crap, it's a Sailor Starlight! Review:
Based on the game Final Fantasy...more like "extremely loosely based on Final Fantasy 2". About the only thing fans of the aforemenioned game will recognize are a few of the kingdom names, and the airships. Everything else is totally changed. I personally wonder why they chose this particular incarnation of the Final Fantasy games to make an anime out of, but it's not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I guess you could call it Final Fantasy "Lite", as it's fun to watch for the character interaction, but the story is pretty standard fantasy...get the crystals, save the world from evil. The music was pretty good, and the animation, while a little on the cute side, was quite nice for something already several years old. The characters are worth paying attention to; while the young Linaly can be a little on the annoying side (damned little goody two-shoes) the rest of them are rather silly and fun. As for the character design, they're weird but interesting all the same...those pirates are definitely strange though. As short four-part stories go, it could've been done better and it could've been done far worse; it's very cute and fun, but not a great deal else. If you like lighthearted fantasy you'll probably enjoy Final Fantasy, but I doubt it'd stand up well to repeat viewings. Recommended.

Available subbed or dubbed from Urban Vision Entertainment.