First Loves

Rating: 3½ Rampages The happy couple.

From the producers of END OF SUMMER comes a new classic combining erotic animation with the wonder of first loves. It seems like Kakeru has had a crush on Hiromi forever. It's too bad she's the girlfriend of Doda, the school's resident lady-killer. Then Kakeru meets his younger sister's friend Urara and sets his heart on a "purer" target.

Review: Despite myself, Iím always watching Hentai with really low expectations (I try my best to be objective no matter what Iíve heard, or what genre the show is) until finally, along comes another Hentai show that turns that around again. Mayhem put it quite well by saying "If you only show your teens one hentai anime, this should be it." This is not your typical hentai fare, the main character is not an enormous lech...heís just your average teenage virgin. Something that truly amazed me was one scene in particular where Kakeru gets a chance to sleep with Hiromi...only to realize that sheís offering because sheís on the rebound. What does he do? He turns her down. In a hentai. Now if having a main character with morals isnít a reason to go and buy this, I donít know what is.

Available subtitled through SoftCel Pictures.