Rating: Zero

Students at Enoshima College and all future generations are doomed unless 19-year-old Mutsumi and Megumi can destroy the Replinoids that have traveled from the future to satisfy their taste for blood. With their futuristic Power Sword and bravery as their only weapons, Megumi and Mutsumi must battle their fears and slash all the tentacles that get in their way if they are to alter a bleak and monster-ridden future.

Review: OOOH! School girls getting raped by monsters with big tentacles! Gee, where have I seen this before. You donít need me to outline the plot (such as it is) because the characters donít pay much attention to it, so why should we? Uninteresting art, moronic story and even Havoc thought it was THATíS bad. Avoid it like La Blue Girl.

Available subtitled through Anime 18.