Fushigi Yuugi Cast
Hotohori-sama, kawaii! Tamahomekun, kawaii!

Fushigi Yuugi TV

Rating: 4 Rampages

Miaka and Yui go to the library to study. The two are separated when Miaka is distracted by food. Several times. Stopping by a food vending machine to think, Miaka doesn't see a red phoenix rise behind her. Turning, she sees stairs that weren't there before. They lead to a library where she's reunited with Yui. They find a book that tells of what happened in a great Kingdom long ago. Abruptly, the book glows and the girls find themselves in that Kingdom. Looking unbelieveably at the landscape, Miaka doesn't see Yui disappear. Left alone, the uncertain girl goes into a market where her school uniform draws a lot of stares. Miaka is soon attacked by some ruffians, but is saved by a young vagabond named Tamahome. With him, Miaka will soon learn that she is apparently destined to be the Southern Priestess. Her quest is to find her seven true warriors (of which Tamahome is one) to come into her true power. In present-day Japan, Yui is reading the book...which now chronicles Miaka's quest. This is a drama in a land quite like ancient China, which tends to add a classical feel to the series. Miaka is an innocent in a land where such innocence can be deadly. Because of who she is, Miaka will be faced with many threats, both physical and magical. Yui is the narrator, but her destiny will bring her back to Miaka. A complex and exciting series.

This is one of my personal favourites, and has it all. Deep engrossing story, rich characters, cool music, great art, comedy, action, plot twists galore, romance...fencing, fighting, true love..oops, wrong show. =) Seriously, the first few episodes are a little slow, but once Miaka starts looking for the other seishi, it really starts to pick up. One of the better TV series to come out in the last few years. If you havenít seen it, youíre missing a lot.

TV series is currently being released subtitled or dubbed through Pioneer Animation.

the cast, posing for a photo.

Fushigi Yuugi OVA

Rating: 3½ Rampages a kawaii little Tasuki!

Set shortly after the end of the TV series, the two OVA series chronicle the trials Miaka and Tamahome must endure to keep him in the real world. The art quality is obviously improved, but everything else is about the same as the TV series. Itís a little harder to follow, but its still very much worth buying. Especially for the little omake theatre bits at the end of each.

OVAs currently only available fansubbed.

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